Huawei can get a BAN on sale of SMARTPHONES in the UK

Huawei is gradually increasing its stake in individual markets, but just turns out that the Chinese manufacturer can get a ban on sale of smartphones in the UK. This is the result of a dispute with Unwired Planet, which accused the company that makes use of its patents without payment of applicable fees.

Unwired Planet is derived from the US company, which won its time of Sweden's Ericsson a number of patents related to communications. Now it turns out that it uses in its smartphones, among others, Huawei. And there would be nothing wrong if the Chinese were paying for it. But they do not do it.

Americans so nothing is left but to sue the manufacturer. The case went to the English Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of Unwired Planet. Huawei will therefore have to pay a fee from each, sold the unit. The rate was set at from 0.032 to 0.064 percent suggested the final price. Apparently not much, but if we recall that the Chinese are selling more than one hundred million smartphones a year, it accumulates almost sum. The fee is to be charged because of all - not just those that will be distributed in the UK.

English Supreme Court threatened that if the manufacturer will not pay, will get a ban on the sale of its equipment in the country. Huawei is reportedly initially declared that he would not shirk from the new requirement, but certainly still appeal the judgment. Therefore, the issue still remains open. Especially because - as I mentioned - the fee to be charged on all smartphones, and this for several reasons does not seem "fair" (because the battle was fought exclusively in the UK).