How to Tag a Business on Facebook

Tagging is when you compose a Facebook status update and supply a URL to some individual profile or company page. When you label somebody or webpage, that individual or company is alerted that you have shared something. If folks see the update, they could click the tagged person/company title to see her timeline. Facebook will inform you if you've been labelled at a status update. Here are more details on how to tag a business on Facebook.

Tag a Business on FacebookIf you consider social network marketing, there's one essential element that stands out for almost some successful social networking presence for a business enterprise. Also, while many people immediately jump into the yield on investment or ROI of increased earnings as the degree of success, many influencers concentrate on factors which will result in the growth in earnings and expansion... social networking participation. Social networking engagement includes people:

  • Commenting on your articles
  • Linking your posts and sharing your articles.

Engagement matters and some other social networking strategy that doesn't have an active involvement strategy as part of the general plan is tremendously lacking.

Also, if you further need to boost your reach and audience, you can add Facebook Impressum to your business page.

Incase, if you tag a buddy in a status update, that does not mean everybody has access to his or her profile. It depends on the tagged person's privacy settings on how people will see his/her's timeline after clicking their name on your status.

Tagging an individual or webpage in status is simple. Type @ and then begin typing the title of the individual or business that you would like to tag/label. For example, if you would like to tag Geek Gyaan in a status update, begin typing @Geek Gy, and Facebook shows a listing of related individuals and company pages to allow you to pick from.

How to Tag on facebookLet us see in detail how to tag a business page on facebook status

How to Tag a Business on Facebook

Follow below step to tag a business page on Facebook:

  1. Enter the @ sign on your article
  2. Instantly after entering the @ symbol (leave no spaces) start typing the title of the business or individual that you would like to label.
  3. As you begin to type the name following the @ sign a drop down of business pages and people will appear.
  4. As soon as you find the drop-down menu with options that fit your planned company or person, pick the page or individual that you would like to tag and it'll appear on your article highlighted in blue. This implies you have successfully labelled the webpage.
  5. Once you pick a webpage to label, the page title will appear on your draft article with a blue highlight to signify you've put a label on your article for this page.

By clicking the labelled page, you'll be taken to the labelled Facebook page timeline.

Some Tips for Tagging on Facebook

  • It is possible to tag around fifty pages or people in one status update.
  • You can tag people when composing a status update or even commenting on others posts.
  • It's possible to tag business pages even if you have not liked them.
  • Business pages can not tag users in a status update.
  • Business pages may tag other web pages if you have not liked the page.
  • Business pages could tag a person in a comment if that person left a prior comment in the thread. If you are not Facebook friends with this individual, you can cant tag him in other status or even your status.
  • However, because the individual commented about a status update, now you can respond to him or her in the comments section of the same thread/post and tag that individual. Facebook allows the individual to know he or she had been labelled and can browse the answer.

Why can't I tag a business on Facebook

Many times you might be trying to tag an individual or a business page, but the name won't appear in the drop-down. Or you maybe page admin and wondering why users are not able to tag your Facebook page?

You are not able to see their name in the drop-down list because the business page or individual have tuned off the 'Allow tagging' feature from their privacy settings.

Tagging setting Facebook PageIndividual pages mostly do this to control whom their name get associated with. You can message the business page to ask if they have turned this feature off.

How to remove a tag on Facebook business page

Now the question comes, can i remove a tag on Facebook business page. Yes, You can remove a tag on Facebook Business Page. You can turn off allowing tagging option for your page or for already tagged posts you could visit settings and delete them. More info about that in Facebook Help Center

If you need more help regarding tagging a business page on facebook or anything related to this topic,then let us know in comments below.