How to Solve Drawbacks of iOS 10

IOS 10 is the latest version of Apple's operating system for iPhone and iPad. Although this version has not included major changes and improvements over the previous version, several internal changes have been made to improve the security, stability, and performance of the system and have enabled new functions in order to make the operating system more comfortable For most users, although, as always, not for everyone.

iphone-drawbacksAfter a little more than two weeks with iOS 10, we have noticed that, both on a personal level and in the different forums of the network, there have been numerous complaints about this new update, especially regarding a series of new functions that are activated by default and, for many, can become annoying.

Next, let's see how you can disable these features so that iOS 10 will remain, in operation, most similar to iOS 9.x.

  1. How to make iOS 10 Touch ID work like iOS 9

The Touch ID is one of the best security features of modern iPhone and iPad. Thanks to him, simply by putting your finger on the device we can unlock it without having to enter any pin or password.

While most users take advantage of clicking the button to unlock the phone, those who have a smart case do not need it, and simply by putting your finger on the reader the system will be unlocked, or at least it was like that Up to iOS 9.

With iOS 10, the operating system has added an intermediate locking screen that, although the screen is lit by an intelligent cover or by the unlock button, forces us to click this button to finish unlocking the device, something like We say, annoying for users with smart covers.

Fortunately, this option can be disabled. To do this, just go to the section " Settings> General> Accessibility> Start button " and activate the " Place your finger to open " option.


After activating this option, iOS 10 will unlock, again, as iOS 9.

2. Disable the ability to reply to messages from the iOS 10 lock screen

This is one of the options that may compromise our iOS privacy. If we are concerned about this aspect, we must make sure that this option is disabled.

To do this, just access the menu " Settings> Touch ID " and disable the " Reply with Messages " option.

* This feature only appears on iPhone, not iPad.

3.Turn the ignition on when lifting the device

Another option that annoys many is the one that enables our iPhone to automatically activate when you lift it from the table.

To disable this option, all you have to do is go to the section " Settings> Display and brightness " and uncheck the option " Turn on when lifting ".

* This feature is only available for iPhone, not iPad.

4. Clear searches for Spotlight Search

For some reason, the Spotlight search likes to save the words we are looking for so that anyone can see them if they pick up the phone, and it may also be a privacy issue.

To avoid this, just go to " Settings> General> Spotlight Search " and uncheck the first option, " Siri Suggestions ".



This option will clear the search cache, but will also turn off suggestions for applications in Spotlight.

5. Prevents applications from being automatically added to iMessage

iMessage now has a feature that allows applications to add stickers or small applications to work with the messaging client.

By default, it is possible that all applications can install their small apps within this client, so if we do not want this to happen automatically, all we have to do is open the " Messages " app and press the > button and, Then on the apps.

There we will open the " Store " or iMessage app store, we will select the top "Manage" tab and uncheck the "option Add Mgr. Automatically . "

6. Disable Safari auto-completion

One of the functions that have come with the new version of Safari is the ability to automatically fill web forms with which we find, something useful but sometimes annoying and dangerous, so to improve privacy while browsing with safari many users want to disable it.

To do this, we must go to " Settings> Safari> AutoFill " and deselect all the items that we do not want the Apple browser to automatically add to the forms.

7. Reduce movement if iMessage effects do not work correctly

Some users have reported problems when they try to open the new effects panel of the Apple Messaging client. This is due to a problem with the iOS motion control function, which we can easily disable by accessing the menu " Settings> General> Accessibility> Reduce movement" and, once there, activate the option that appears to us.

If we want to re-activate this function, we simply have to deactivate the setting again,

8. Disable (again) the dictation button on the iOS 10 keyboard

Finally, due to a bug in iOS 10, many users who in the past had disabled the dictation option have seen how it has been re-activated, appearing again the microphone icon next to the space bar.

If we want to deactivate this microphone again, just go to the menu " Settings> General> Keyboard" and make sure that " Activate dictation " is disabled.

In this way, the keyboard will once again be occupied only by keys that we actually use.