How to Send Live Photos From an Iphone to Another Device

One of the innovations presented by Apple in conference with iOS 9 and iPhone 6S are " Live Photos ". This new concept of image capture is based is to capture 1.5 seconds of video before taking the picture, take the picture and capture 1.5 seconds of video later to give a "live image" look to the photograph. In fact, what it does is to turn all the photographs into small videos of 3 seconds and a frame that later we can see in the gallery in animated form.

If we want to send a Live Photo to another iPhone user the process is the same as always for any other iOS element. Once the receiver receives it, simply press hard on the screen to activate the sensor Touch strength of the same and play the 3 seconds of video.

Unfortunately, and because several factors are involved in this new feature, this feature, in its native form, is only compatible with iPhone 6S owners, so what happens when we want to send an "animated photo" to another person who does not Have the latest Apple iPhone model? As long as the receiver uses iOS 9.0 or higher, you can use "Live Photos" in a slightly different way.

Previous models the iPhone 6 do not have a pressure sensor on the screen, so if you send a photo "Live" from an iPhone 6S to another previous model have to play it differently. To do this, once the photo is successfully sent and stored on the device will enter the gallery, where we see that the image appears to us with a small button on top.

If we click on the photograph, it will open in its default form, ie as a still image. If we want to play the small video we must click on the "Live" button to show the video.

For the moment the only application compatible with Live Photos is the spool of iOS 9, however, from iOS 9.1 the API will open to third party developers, who will be able to use it to implement it in their applications and system tools and Allow users to take even more advantage of this new way of taking and viewing photographs.

To finish, we simply want to remember that even if iOS 9 is capable of playing Live Photos, they will not be able to capture them.