How to Send Android Text Messages from PC | Android Messages Platform

Back in June, Google introduced its own Android Messages system on the net, which is just what it seems like. Lets learn how to use it and Send Android Text Messages from PC

Though Android users have used various workarounds to browse and send text messages onto a pc, Messages for Internet marked the first time they needed an honest-to-goodness iMessages competition, allowing them seamlessly incorporate their SMS messages using their PCs.

Establishing and using the app is trivially easy, though it's still lacking a few features which produce its cellular counterpart such a joy. But should you keep tuned until the close of the guide, we will discuss a useful tip that can allow users recreate a number of their preferred attributes of Google Messages onto Android: sending GIFs.

1. Stop by the Android Messages web site.

To begin the Android Messages procedure online, just visit You will observe a QR code appear on your display, do not scan it just yet.

(It is well worth ensuring Google Messages is the mobile's default program, instead of something such as Message+ in Verizon. It is possible to alter it by tapping Preferences, Programs, the equipment icon and Default messaging program.)

2. Sync with Mobile

Since the Android Messages page educates you, visit the Messages program in your smartphone, tap the menu (the 3 perpendicular intervals from the upper-right corner). From that point, pick Messages for web.

If you'd like your browser to bear in mind this procedure, so you don't need to go through it each time you boot Chrome, today could be a fantastic time to click on the alternative. (It is right under the QR code)

As soon as you scan the code, then your computer needs to automatically load your discussions.

3. Converse as normal

The controllers at Android Messages around the internet are basically the exact same as they're on your mobile cell phone. Figure out what you would like to state, click to send it. You might even include emojisdecals, stickers and files that are attached.

Just bear in mind your phone needs to be on and attached to Wi-Fi or a cellular network for the app to operate. (Considering that your text messages are inherently attached to a contact number, this restriction makes sense: simply do not expect to utilize Android Messages in your PC for a backup as soon as your telephone is outside of juice)

Also Send Gifs using Android Messages for PC

The Messages android program got a beneficial addition several updates before, where users can hit on the emoji button, then scroll above a tab and search for GIFs without needing to copy and paste them in your own Google search. Regrettably, Android messages does not have this feature yet, however there's a really easy workaround.

However, let us hope that Google provides a much more practical GIF search pub in a future upgrade. We may start having to think about real responses to scenarios, instead of letting adorable creatures do all of the talking to us.