How to Save battery on Huawei mobile with these EMUI tricks

Years passed and we continue to see as one of the most important sections is autonomy . For this reason we will teach you some tricks of EMUI so that you can save battery in your mobile Huawei or Honor very easily.

Huawei and Honor had long ago a very big problem of common: their layer of personalization. EMUI was a layer of personalization very loaded and did not go as well as the competition, but in its favor, we saw that it had many personalization settings, different themes and modes of performance , as well as modes for the battery.

 All these tricks are compatible for EMUI 5.0, the personalization layer used by both Huawei mobiles and Honor mobiles, so in case you have any of the two phones updated to Android 7.0 Nougat , you can use these tricks

Use these EMUI tricks to increase the battery of your Huawei mobile phone

  1. Turn on battery save mode(power saving mode)

Just go to Settings, in the section of the battery , we see that the first option lets us activate a save battery mode that disables some visual changes such as animations, background applications and notifications. The best way to use this mode is to ctivarlo when we have less than 30% battery.

2. Close apps after turning off the screen

In the same battery settings window , we can see how there is an option to close apps after turning off the screen. The best thing is that we select here all the apps that do not want to receive notifications so they do not stay in the background.

3. Decrease screen resolution

Again, in the same window Settings> Battery , we see that there is an option to lower the resolution of the mobile, and thus increase the battery of the terminal as there are fewer pixels on the mobile.

4. "Optimize" your mobile

There is an option called Optimize that allows us to optimize the battery consumption of the mobile to see all the applications that are turned on, what is draining more battery of the mobile and what synchronizations are activated. We will only have to give, in the options that leaves us, to optimize, which will make the battery last longer.

Disable each app

If You have any other ideas on optimizing battery of your honor or other devices let me know in comments below.