How to Recover deleted files on PC? | Recover deleted files using Recuva

Deleting files or folders from our hard disk drive is a very simple and common thing. It is not a rocket science it is just needs of pressing just one to two buttons, a game of several seconds. The PC’s hard drive is a full bunch collection of files and folders, some are very important and useful such as the system files like boot and windows file. We can’t delete them because they are needed for the better performance of a computer. Some data becomes unuseful to us so we often decide to delete and get rid of them. So hang on and read on how to recover deleted files on pc.

If a file is temporarily deleted then it gets stored in Recycle bin but if a file is deleted permanently then chances are very less that it will be recovered. It is impossible to get back the permanently deleted file via applying simple methods. We sometimes accidentally delete some useful files then after some time we need them. To know how to recover deleted files on PC, read the full article and follow these steps. It will answer your questions of how do i recover permanently deleted files from my pc?

Recover deleted files on PC

How to Recover deleted files on PC?

First of all, make sure that your file has been deleted also check that if it is misplaced somewhere else or not. After being assured that some of your files are missing then you’re ready to get into the work. Before doing anything advanced first check the recycle bin. If you have not deleted it permanently then it can appear in the Recycle bin. If you don’t find the file you are looking for there then you would have to apply some other measures to recover deleted files on PC. One application which can make your job simpler is the Recuva, the best software for recovering deleted files on PC. It helps you recover deleted files in windows 10 and also recover deleted files windows 7 other windows versions.

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How to Download and Install Recuva

 You can download the free version of Recuva from the official site of CCleaner Recuva by clicking here. After going to the site, find the download free version option tab then click on it after that you will be redirected to the packages options select the free one and download it. Complete the download and then open the setup file. It will help you to recover permanently deleted files windows 10.

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Follow all the installation steps just by clicking next and next. After completing the installation you are ready to recover deleted files on PC. It also can help you to recover deleted files from pendrive and memory card.

How to recover deleted files on PC using Recuva

Step 1:- Go to the folder in which the file was lastly stored before being deleted.

Step 2:- Right-click anywhere and then select “Scan for deleted files”.

Step 3:- Recuva will open up and it will start scanning for deleted files like media files, documents, images, .exe files, etc.

Step 4:- Once the Recuva completes its scanning work it will display all the files deleted from that folder. To recover deleted files on PC, select the files which you want to be recovered then click on Recover button.

Step 5:- After clicking the recover button a popup will be displayed, navigate through it and choose the folder where you want the recovered files to be stored. After some processes, the files will be successfully restored there.

If you are unsuccessful in recovering the files then try the professional or paid version of Recuva or you can prefer for other data recovery tools available on the internet.

So that was trick on how to recover deleted files free on PC. I hope by using this tutorial you may have successfully recover deleted files on pc.