How to Read ePub Ebooks on Ios

Because not all the options we have to hang out with our smartphones and tablets are games and playing videos over the Internet, an interesting form of entertainment is to take advantage of downtimes to read. With the rise of electronic books, today we will be able to find virtually any title in digital format, so we will be able to read it without problems without always having to carry with it, simply having our smartphone or our tablet on hand.

The most widely used eBook format is ePub , however, iOS itself complicates importing material into the library if it is not through its iTunes tool or purchased and downloaded from its official store, therefore, if we have purchased A book in another online bookstore is complicated to load into our iOS without going through iTunes.

In this article we are going to teach you how to import eBooks to the iBooks library without using the Apple sync client, iTunes, and without connecting the device to the computer (where we have already downloaded a copy of the book in epub format), taking advantage of The possibilities offered by cloud storage.

First step: upload e-book in ePub format to the cloud (OneDrive)

The first thing to do is to upload the eBook from our computer to the cloud. Although we can use any of the storage platforms in the cloud, in our case we chose to use OneDrive due to its complete integration with the Windows 10 browser , since without installing any additional program we can simply copy the ePub from our computer to This folder and in seconds will be available in the cloud.

If we do not want to use the OneDrive client in Windows or simply use another operating system we can upload the e-book to the servers from the web browser itself.

Once the book is uploaded to the cloud we can continue with the process. Before continuing we must make sure that we have an official OneDrive client installed on our iOS device. If we do not have it installed we can download it for free from the App Store.

Step two: import the book from OneDrive to iBooks

Once we get to this point we should simply open the official application of OneDrive and look for the book among all the files that we have uploaded to the cloud. Located the book, click on it and a new screen will open where we will see the summary of it.

At the bottom we can see a series of menu buttons. In our case we will open the "other options " from the 3-way button on the right.


We choose the option " Open in another application " and we will load a list of applications compatible with that format. Among all of those we will see will appear iBooks, the e-reader Apple own.

We click on it and automatically the book will be copied to the library of our iPhone, iPod or iPad with iOS 9. Ready. As we can see, now this book appears to us among all the others that we have copied in iBooks.

If we click on it we can start reading it, just like if it was a book bought in Apple's own iTunes store.