How to Properly Configure Instagram Security and Privacy

Thanks to social networks, it is possible to always be in contact with our friends and acquaintances, to share data about our life (vacations, holidays, etc.) with them and to be able to always socialize with them, however, these networks can also To be a great danger since, in the face of a bad configuration, it is possible that strangers or people who do not want to freely gossip what we share, for example, our comments, photos or videos.

Instagram is a social network, owned by Facebook, developed to share with all our followers all kinds of multimedia content (photos and videos, mainly) with different effects so that they appear unique. Like other social networking applications, to prevent unauthorized users from using our account or gossiping everything we share without our permission, this application has a number of security and privacy options that we must take into account and review of Periodically to prevent this from happening.

For this, the first thing we do will be to download the latest version of the application from the official Google Store, the Play Store.

Once downloaded and installed, the only thing left for us to do is to log in to the platform and then review and configure these options.

How to configure Instagram security and privacy

The first thing we are going to do is to protect our account so that no hacker can access it. To do this, the first thing we will do is move to the section of our profile and, in the upper right, click on the icon with 3 points.

Next, we will see the section of general options. We move to the " Account " section and we will see a screen similar to the following one.

In most cases, we will log into Instagram with our Facebook account, so the user, password and additional security measures (for example, double authentication) will be those of the social network, so to protect our Account in this platform we must make sure to protect it also on Facebook.

If on the other hand we do not log in through this social network, the application itself allows us to easily change the password for a secure and secret.

How to turn our Instagram account into public or private

Once the security of our account is configured, the next thing we will do is to configure the privacy of the account, that is, to specify who will be able to see our content and who will not. In this respect, Instagram makes the task quite easy because, with a simple option, we will be able to configure our account as public (everyone can see everything we share) as private (only you can see what we share the ones we specify).

To do this, once again in the Options> Account section , we look at the " Private account " switch . If this switch is off, any Instagram user will be able to see everything we share. On the contrary, if the switch, if we activate it, our account will become private and only the users that we approve will be able to see our content.

In the case of wanting to block only a specific user we must first access his profile and, from there, block it. In this way, we can have a fairly tight control over users who can and can not see what we share in social networks.