How to install TWRP and root Huawei P9 Lite

The Huawei P9 Lite is a mid-range smartphone developed and marketed by Huawei in 2016. This device, like all of this manufacturer, uses an Android operating system, specifically EMUI, a typical customization of the Google operating system characteristic of this manufacturer . Although Android and leading roms of manufacturers have changed a lot in recent years, there is still a configuration that keeps repeating update after upgrade: root. Although Android has given users and applications more freedom to have control over certain elements of the operating system, there are still many things, especially all those related to modifying internal elements of the phone that require such a process focused.

Next, we will explain the whole process to be able to unlock bootloader of the Huawei P9 Lite , install in it a personalized recovery and, finally, to root to the device. Before we start, we recommend reading the following article where we explain how to prepare our device for the whole process and, thus, to avoid possible mistakes that we can make.

First of all, we list the files that you must download to complete this process:

  • The Huawei drivers - [button color="" size="" type="" target="blank" link=""]Download[/button]
  • SRKTool updated for P9 Lite - [button color="" size="" type="" target="blank" link=""]Download[/button]
  • SuperSU - [button color="" size="" type="" target="target" link=""]Dowload[/button]

All resources have been taken from the next XDA thread . Now, we will install the Huawei drivers on our computer and, as they finish, we will start with the first step.

How to unlock the bootloader of Huawei P9 Lite

Like the rest of smartphones of Huawei, in order to carry out the release of the bootloader it is necessary to request the corresponding code to Huawei. We remember that this process invalidates the guarantee, so before we continue we must take it into account and reconsider it.

To request this code, all we have to do is access the following link , register (or log in with our Huawei ID) and complete the simple wizard by entering the information that asks us to receive the code, which we must point to keep it safe.

Assuming we already have the drivers installed and we have completed the process of preparing the smartphone, we connect it to our computer and run the SRKTool program .

This program, based on MS-DOS, will guide us through the process. Once we see the main menu of it, we will press option 1 "Unlock Bootloader" and it will ask us if we are sure of the process. We confirm it. It will ask us if we have the bootloader code, we say yes and it will automatically restart the device and, after a few seconds, we will ask for that code.

We reconfirm the process and, after a few moments, the bootloader of our device will be properly unblocked

How to install a TWRP recovery on the Huawei P9 Lite

Once we reach this point, we will have our phone fully restored, but with the bootloader open. Therefore, the next step will be to re-run SRKTool but, in the main menu, we will choose option 3, "Install Recovery 6.0". You will then ask us what device model we have.

Press on 5, "Huawei P9", and continue with the assistant. In the next step we will ask what recovery we want to install, if the stock, pressing 1, or the one of TWRP, pressing 2. We chose the latter and confirmed the installation of this one.

After a few seconds, our device will already have a fully functioning TWRP recovery. We have almost finished, missing the most important step, doing root.

How to Root Huawei P9 Lite

Once we have the Huawei P9 bootloader installed and installed the TWRP recovery, the only thing left to do is to flash the root package. To do this, copy the SuperSU file downloaded at the beginning of the manual to the SD card of the device and restart the device in "Recovery Mode".

From there, click on "Install" and look for the SuperSU file in the memory of the device. We confirm the flashing and wait a few seconds to finish. Once finished, our device will already have root permissions and the SuperSU application ready to manage those permissions.

Hence you have succesfully rooted Huawei P9 Lite and installed TWRP Recovery