How to Install Popcorn Time, the "Netflix of the Pirates", in iOS and Without Jailbreak

Although it is outside of the App Store and with some reluctance on the part of the users, it can be considered that PopCorn Time makes its debut in iOS with an application that can be installed in iPhone and iPad and without having to have realized the jailbreak in the device .

Popcorn Time has become tremendously popular among those who want to follow streaming series and movies but do not like having to download them. Present for a long time in Android, for the application of iOS was necessary to have made the jailbreak , a limitation that is no longer present this time since a method has been published to install it without having to go through this process.

What is Popcorn Time?

This application allows, as it can be supposed by its nickname, Netflix pirat a, will allow us to watch movies and series through the torrent download networks but without the need to download them completely, but in streaming . On the other hand, finally note that as on Android, with Chromecast, Popcorn Time for iOS is compatible with AirPlay, so we can project the image on television without problems to comfortably watch series and movies.

Of course, it will be necessary to have the iPad or iPhone connected to a Windows computer, since there is no client yet for Mac, using the USB cable and download the installer offered by the application developers from its website - where the repository is also Of Cydia to install the application in the case of having used some method of jailbreak.

The process is very simple as you can see in the images, just follow the instructions on screen that will take us just a few minutes as they rely on the PC when we skip the alert and put the phone in "airplane mode."

Known Issues and Warnings

And is that being "pirate" has its price, even if we do not pay for the contents - that is already in everyone's conscience. The cost is that we will make our terminal vulnerable to possible malware attacks, and some users have already warned that this version of Popcorn Time is loaded with adware that, in the future, could be a nuisance for users. In this sense, Android users can give their opinion to the iPhone and, perhaps without precedent, "twin", given that in its platform has been running more time Popcorn Time officially, where he debuted on Christmas 2014.

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Are you Popcorn Time users? What do you think of the service you give? If Netflix were to serve in India would you use it? Leave us your opinions in the comments.