How to Install Kodi on an Iphone or Ipad With Ios Without Jailbreak

Kodi is a complete multimedia center capable of playing virtually any type of content on any device, including photos, videos and music as streaming content. However, due to the misuse of some users, this multimedia center has tarnished its name and is "badly seen" that can be installed, so some companies, like Apple, do not distribute it through its application store, being More complicated to enjoy it on an iPhone or iPad with iOS without having Jailbreak the device.

If we have Jailbreak on iOS , the installation process is very simple, since we only have to go to an unofficial store (like Cydia), download the application and install it without signing. However, the latest versions of iOS can not be unlocked, so installing Kodi, although possible, is more complicated.

Next, let's see how we can install this multimedia center on an iPhone or iPad without jailbreak.

Preparing everything you need to install Kodi on iOS

In order to install this application on our iPhone or iPad with iOS without Jailbreak we must meet the following requirements:

  • Have a computer with Windows 7 or more modern.
  • The latest version of iTunes installed.

In addition, we must download the latest available version of Kodi .deb binaries from its main website and the Cydia Impactor tool .

Once we meet the requirements and we have all the files downloaded, we are ready to begin the process. First of all, indicate that the process is very simple and, in addition, that at no time our device (nor its warranty) are in danger, that yes, being a rather unstable tool we may have to perform the process a couple of times In case it does not strain the first.

Prepare Kodi to send it to iOS as an official application

The first step is to convert the .deb file that we have downloaded to a .ipa file that we can install on the device. For this we will use the free 7-Zip compressor . Download this tool, install it and the first thing we will do is unzip the .deb file, inside which we will find a new folder called "data.tar". We unzip it again and we will finally see a folder called " ".

Now, next to this folder, we created a new one called "Payload".

The next step is to move the "" folder into the "Payload" folder. We already have the application ready.

The only thing we have to do is to compress the current folder "Payload" (inside which is to ZIP format and change the name by which we want but finished in .ipa, such as Kodi.ipa .

How to install "Kodi.ipa" on iOS with Cydia Impactor

Once we have the installation package ready, the next step will be to send the application to our iPhone or iPad. To do this, we connect the iOS device to the computer and make sure iTunes recognizes it correctly.

Next, we will run " Impactor.exe " (without administrator permissions) and we will see a window like the following one.

Now, simply drag the previous "Kodi.ipa" file to the Cydia Impactor window and log in with our iTunes account so that the tool downloads our free certificate and can sign the application.

Once confirmed the credentials, the program will sign and install Kodi on our iPhone or iPad with iOS without needing to rely on Jailbreak.

We already have Kodi installed on our device and ready to be used.