How to Install iOS Public Betas on an iPhone and an iPad

IOS is the operating system developed and maintained by Apple for its iPhone and iPad mobile devices. This operating system, like any other, is updated periodically in order to correct errors and implement new functions and features that allow users to make the most comfortable use possible in order to achieve the typical usage experience of this company.

ios-11-beta-800×500While most users rely on the stable version of this operating system, a debugger, stable and error-free version and problems, others prefer to install the beta versions of the operating system in order to be able to test the news that Apple has prepared for its iPhone and iPad and also help the company to detect possible errors and problems in the software so that, after several beta versions, the stable version is as stable as possible, as its name implies.

While private beta versions are intended only for iOS developers (and you have to pay an annual fee for it), public betas are available to anyone who wants to sign up for them.

Next, let's look at how we can sign up for Apple's beta update program to receive beta versions of iOS as soon as they become available.

How to target the public iOS betas to always have the latest version of our iPhone or iPad

In order to receive these versions, the first thing to do is to point to the " Apple Beta Software Program " from the previous link. In this website, we will have the option to register (Sign Up) or sign in (Sign In) if we already have an account created. We enter from our iPhone or iPad (the web will automatically detect that our operating system is iOS) and, once inside, we look at the image that appears in the section " Get Started ".

In it, we will see a link called " Enroll your iOS device ". Click on it and we will see a series of steps that we must take.


The first thing we should do, just in case, is a backup of our current iOS device to avoid problems. We do it (although it is optional, it is advisable) and, in the second payment, we click on the " Download Profile " button.


This process will download and install an official Apple Certificate that identifies our device as part of this program.

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Once this certificate is installed we should simply restart our iPhone or iPad and, when it restarts, we will look for updates to see that, indeed, we can install the latest public beta available.


How to disappoint the iOS public beta program

The iOS public betas allow us to test before anything else what the company wants to implement in its operating system later, however, they are usually unstable versions, as the name implies, in tests, and can cause problems for many users.

So, if we installed a beta version of iOS, but we do not want to continue receiving these updates, we simply go to our Settings> General> Profiles menu and, there, look for the profile we downloaded in the first step, called " iOS Beta Software Profile ".


We will press delete and our profile will be deleted from the device, leaving the iOS betas program.

Restart the device and, when looking for updates again, we will see as we do not appear these betas, although, if we have installed a beta, we will have to wait for the release of the next stable version for our iOS to update to that version and abandon, Of definitive form, the Beta version.