How to Install a Digital Certificate on an iPhone or iPad

Mobile devices are increasingly used for all kinds of tasks, jobs and managements. In many cases, in order to establish secure connections and ensure correct authentication on different servers, we may need to use digital certificates, small computer files generated and associated with a single person so that the person can be automatically identified without needing another Type of keys such as users, passwords and codes.

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While on a PC it is very easy to import and use all kinds of digital certificates , on mobile devices is usually something more complicated since it requires a different installation prior to the one that is needed in a PC.

In this simple tutorial we are going to teach you how to install and use digital certificates on an iPhone and an iPad , devices that use Apple's iOS operating system.

The first thing we must do is send a copy of our certificate by email . There are more ways to do this, but from what we have been able to check this is the fastest and easiest, because iOS does not have a file system like Windows and even Android.

Once we have the copy of our digital certificate in the email we open the application Mail , the official mail client of iOS, and click on the certificate. Mail identifies it as what it is, a certificate, so it will automatically open the settings menu from where we will import the certificate to the system.

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Once selected we can see a first summary of the digital certificate , also known as "profile".

We click on the " Install " button and the operating system will ask us for the device password as a security measure to prevent unauthorized users or users from installing any malicious certificates on the computer.

The next thing we can see will be the signing of the certificate , if it is digitally signed by a certifying entity. exchange house and Timbre is not recognized as a certification entity , so our digital certificate is apparently "unsigned".

Click on " Install " and continue with the import process. Our digital certificate will probably be protected by a password to prevent misuse. We must introduce it before it is imported into the system.

Once this is done, the digital certificate, or profile, will be installed and ready for use.

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