How to Hide Jailbreak to Some Certain Applications

When we jailbreak an iOS device, such as an iPhone or an iPad, we modify a part of the system to take control of the operating system and install some applications from Cydia, which is generally not well seen by Apple. Many developers do not like their applications running on devices with Jailbreak as they can be modified and used, for example, to cheat. Therefore, as this technique has evolved, new anti-modification tools have also been developed which, if they detect a modified device, block the execution of the application.

how-to-bypass-jailbroken-detect-iosFortunately, just as there are those functions in the iOS ecosystem, there are other tools that allow us to counteract them, hide the Jailbreak to a certain application and be able to run it without problems despite having our device modified. One such application is  tsProtector.

In order to install this application, the first thing we need is to have Jailbreak our device and make Cydia installed. In addition, we must also add the following repository to our list of sources for that store:


Once the repository is added, we look for this application in the software sources and we will find a screen like the following one.

We installed this tool (next to its dependencies, if you ask) as any other and, after a few moments, we will have it installed in our device. This application is installed as a configuration option in the "Settings" menu, that is, we will not see an icon as such in our launcher.

How tsProtector works to hide iOS Jailbreak

To use this tool, all we have to do is open our iOS "Settings" menu and scroll down the list until you see the entry called "tsProtector".


This tool is for payment, but if we only want to block a single application we can use it for free. By default, this tool works in "Black List" mode, that is, by default will allow access to the Jailbreak to all applications except those we indicate. If we buy the "Pro" version we can use it in "Whitelist" mode, ie block the access to the JB to the whole system except to the applications that we indicate.

Next, we will click on " Black List Apps " and we will see a list with all the applications that we have installed in our system.


The only thing left for us to do is to find the application that we want to protect and activate its switch.

Ready. From now on, that application will not know that our device has Jailbreak and will work without problems as if we run it on a protected system. In this way, games such as Super Mario Run, Fire Emblem or Pokemon GO will work without problems even on devices with Jailbreak, Cydia and any other modification poorly seen by Apple.