How to download torrent files to your computer from your Android phone

The download of Torrent files is one of the best things that has brought us Android in recent years. And we not only talk about the download itself from the phone, but the possibility of managing all the torrent downloads that are being made on the computer from our own terminal. Today we are going to review the app that allows us to manage all these downloads from the phone in the same way that we could do from our desktop computer .

The app we reviewed today is the official BitTorrent itself , and is that thanks to this app we can extend the control from our phone downloads that are occurring on the computer overdrive. BitTorrent Remote is able to take control of our computer, not only to consult the current downloads, but also to add them. And this is one of the best functions of BitTorrent Remote , since it allows us to completely do without the computer and to be able to add the downloads from any place.

We do not even need to be at home to be able to add the downloads we want, just our data connection or Wifi from anywhere to connect with our account of BitTorrent Remote and to be able to add the downloads that we want. In order to use this remote BitTorrent client we need to create an account and link it to the client of our computer . With BitTorrent Remote we will be able to do the following:

  • Add or remove remote downloads
  • Stop downloads remotely
  • Check the status of downloads on your computer
  • Add downloads to your computer from your phone browser
  • Play computer downloads from our own terminal

Without doubt BitTorrent Remote we can use all the power of download, and especially the greater storage of our desktop computer to enjoy the favorite downloads.

Everything is advantageous when using  BitTorrent Remote with our phone, and thanks to this app we can easily use the BitTorrent of our computer in the same way that we usually use the client for Android, exactly the same, only that using our Computer as a download center. It is undoubtedly an essential tool if you are a faithful consumer of this type of file, which in many occasions have saved us from an afternoon of total boredom.

Developer: BitTorrent, Inc.
Price: Free