How to Download and Install Add-ons on Kodi for iOS

Last article we explained how to install Kodi on an iPhone or iPad with iOS without needing to have Jailbreak. Although the process is not complicated, it is somewhat laborious and requires us to rely on a computer to be able to install the multimedia center with a valid certificate on our device.

Once Kodi is installed on iOS , the multimedia center is fully functional, just like on any other device where we install it, be it a PC or Android smartphone, however, some functions may be somewhat more complicated to do, especially if We depend on files that must be downloaded from the Internet, such as third-party extensions.

If we want to download and install the Kodi addons from the official repositories offered by this program we can do it very simply as in the version of Kodi for Android or the version of any other operating system.

However, if we want to install Kodi add-ons downloaded from the Internet in zip format , due to iOS restrictions to download and store data on the devices the process is rather more complicated and depends on iTunes to perform the process.

Here's how to do it.

How to copy Kodi add-ons from your PC to an iPhone or iPad with iOS and install them

In order to do this, all we need is to have already installed Kodi for iOS on our iPhone or iPad and also have iTunes installed on our computer.

With everything ready, we connect our iOS to the computer and open iTunes. We wait for you to recognize our device and select it as if we were to take any action with it.

Once selected, click the "Applications" section in the list of items on the left and in this new screen, we move to the bottom of the whole, where we will see a section called " File Sharing ".

Here we will see the applications that allow us to load data from the computer and import them directly to them. We will select from the "Kodi" list and click on the "Add" button on the right.

Now a file explorer will open. In it we simply find the add-ons, in ZIP format, to upload them to the program. We accept the browser window and directly all the data will be uploaded to our device, within the personal space of Kodi.

You do not need to synchronize the device again. We disconnected it from the computer and ready.

How to install third-party add-ons on Kodi for iOS

Once we already have the files copied to our iPhone or iPad, the only thing we have left to do is open Kodi and move to the section of installation of add-ons. In case you have to enable the installation of add-ins from third-party sources, in the Android article that we have previously linked we explain step by step the process, since it is the same.

In the list of folders that appears we will select " Start folder> Documents " and inside this will find the files that we have sent from our computer to iOS through iTunes.

Now you just have to click on these Kodi add-ons to install without problems on the device.