How to Disable Background Video Playback in Ios

For some time, iOS bets on multitasking. Thanks to it, when we use, for example, an iPhone or an iPad, the operating system allows us to open two applications at the same time and interact with each other, in split screen as in the last version of iOS 11, in a floating window That we can move and move to our taste wherever we want.

Although being able to work with two or more applications at once is fine, for some tasks this can be a problem. For example, one of the functions of multitasking is that if we are playing a video with any application and want to close its playback by pressing the "home" button, it will continue to play in the background in a floating window , which we must close if We really want to stop the video playback.

Luckily, this feature can be easily disabled and then we'll explain how to do it.

How to turn off persistent video overlay on iOS

In order to take full advantage of multitasking, this feature comes in the latest versions of iOS (on compatible devices) enabled by default, so if we do not use it and when we press the start button on our iPhone or iPad we like Everything is closed and only our SpringBoard is seen, what we must do is open the iOS Settings menu and, from there, scroll to the section General> Updating in the background.

Once we click on this entry in the settings menu we can see 3 new options, each with its corresponding switch. The one that interests us is the " Persistent Video Overlay ", the second that appears in the list.

If we click on its switch, this option will be disabled. From now on, when we are watching a video and press the Start button, as we explained, the application will be completely closed and we will no longer have any floating window in our application launcher. Now, if we press the Start button twice, we can close the application without problems.

In case you want to enable it again, we simply need to activate its switch again and it will automatically restart without any problems.

Other iOS multitasking options we can configure from here

As we said, the second option allows us to disable persistent video overlay in iOS, however, in this configuration menu we see two other options that we will see below and that, if we do not use multitasking, we can Disable without problems.

The first option of this menu is " allow multiple apps ". This option allows us, while using an application, to open a slide-in menu from which to run other applications in parallel so that we can use two applications at the same time.

If we do not open two applications at a time on split screen, we can deactivate this option and avoid using it by mistake.

Finally, the third option is multitasking " gestures ". If we do not use the 4 or 5 finger gestures to switch between applications, this is another option that we can deactivate, thus avoiding to switch between applications by mistake when pressing with several fingers the screen.