How to Completely Erase Jailbreak Traces on iOS Without Itunes

The jailbreak is a process by which we break the security of the operating system of iPhone and iPad, iOS, in order to modify their appearance or install applications signed by third parties without they have been verified by Apple and published in their own store. When we do the Jailbreak, the first base application that is installed on our device is Cydia, a third-party application store where we will find a lot of tools and is the first place we should visit once we complete the process of Jailbreak.


This technique has many advantages and disadvantages, as in doing so, in addition to playing the guarantee of the device, we open a security gap that may allow hackers to install malware on our iOS and steal our data and even generate all kinds of problems Stability and performance that can impair the experience of using iOS.

If for some reason we want to remove the Jailbreak from our device, the recommended way is to do it through iTunes, completely restoring the device. However, this process forces us to install the latest version of iOS, something that may not interest us since the latest version is probably not compatible with the Jailbreak and we may want to keep this possibility for a future.

If we want to completely eliminate the Jailbreak but keep the current version of iOS, within Cydia we will find an application called Cydia Eraser that will allow us to perform this task in any version of iOS with Jailbreak, from 7 to the last 9.3.3.

Remove jailbreak without iTunes with Cydia Eraser

The first thing we should do, as always, is to back up our device so that it can happen. Once we have the copy by hand, we must search the application " Cydia Eraser " and download it to our device. The application is free and is available in official Cydia repositories.

Once installed the application is run from our launcher and we will see a screen similar to the following.


It tells us that this process will revert all changes made during the Jailbreak process to close iOS security again and then delete all data and device settings to restore it to a factory state, but without forcing to install the latest version as in the case of iTunes.

To proceed, the only thing left to do is to click on the " Delete all data and un-jailbreak device " button at the bottom and wait for the process to finish.


This process may take several minutes and, once finished, we will have our iOS as fresh out of the factory. Once reset, we can restore the backup we made through iTunes (be careful not to update) or even from iCloud if we uploaded it to the Apple cloud.