How to Browse Blocked Websites

The world of the Internet is entirely made up of Websites, Websites, and Websites. The vast ocean of information, the Internet exists only because of the websites existing on it. A website is basically a collection of web pages and a web page is what we see when we open any link on the internet. The web page contains the information, images, videos etc and all the web pages are grouped together to make a website.  But what if some pages are blocked on your router. How can you Browse Blocked Websites?


There are many popular international websites like Google, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. When you sit before your web browser and try to access these websites then in most of the cases you are successful that means you are able to visit these websites. In this ocean of websites, there are not only Google, Facebook, Twitter. There are many more websites on this World Wide Web which you can’t imagine. Most of them can be easily accessed but some might not which are called blocked websites. Here are few tricks on how to access blocked sites without proxy

Blocked Websites: The term “Blocked websites” is referred to those websites which can’t be accessed through normal methods by a user or group of users. It is also possible that a website which is blocked for you can be visible to others. There are some websites which are open for the whole world but blocked for some countries, for example, YouTube is banned for China Internet users. Now let us consider a situation in which you are a citizen of China and you want to access the official YouTube site. First of all, the site is blocked in your country, if you try to access it with the normal web browser then you will surely not able to do it. But if you try to implement these tricks then chances are there you will be successful in doing that. Remember if a website is blocked in your country and you try to access it then it can be illegal, so this tutorial is for educational purpose only.

Steps to Browse Blocked Websites Without Proxy

1. TOR Browser

TOR stands for “The Onion Rooted” Browser. It is the derived version of Mozilla Firefox and works awesomely. It is developed by Anonymous, the group of hacktivists. The working of the TOR is based on the structure of an Onion, pretty strange but yes. It covers your IP (Internet Protocol) address under the multiple layers of other IP addresses and when you try to visit a website then even it is blocked you will get into it because the TOR system hides your IP address and surfs the websites using another IP address. Tor Browser also used for accessing dark web and deep web

While you surf a website through TOR Browser, then your IP address keeps on changing multiple times. The original IP of your network is covered by multiple layers of IP just like how the center part of the onion is covered by its layers.

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You can easily download TOR Browser it is free for use. Just visit the official site and look for the option to download. Select the type of setup 32-bit or 64-bit according to your PC’s operating system. It works best on the Windows and Linux.

2. VPN

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Most of the thing gets cleared by the name only, virtually existing private network. Using a VPN you can do anything on the Internet without reflecting your own original IP address. It creates a shelter for your VPN and then executes a process which converts your information or data to an unrecognizable kind of stuff for websites. In this way, you get protected from being tracked by anyone. There are many VPNs available on the Internet free as well as paid, so get a trusted one. For more info check What is VPN.

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3. Conventional Methods

Rewriting the URL by removing the ‘s’ from HTTPS://www.

For example:

If a website is, then make it

There are more tricks like you can use the website’s IP rather than using its URL and you can use some of the proxy website providers which can give you easy access to the blocked websites.

So here where some tips to open blocked sites online so that you can browse blocked websites.