How to Adjust playback Speed on YouTube for Android

The video app is undoubtedly the most used to view this type of content, hundreds of millions of videos are played throughout the day on the Google platform. Now YouTube for Android is already testing a new and interesting feature of its Android app, as are the playback speed controls.

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Just a few days ago we knew the integration of YouTube into Gboard, the Google keyboard that certainly will now allow us to expand our searches also to your video service so that it will become easier to use.

Speed controls will arrive on YouTube for Android

As usual, software developers first test the news of an update of their software with a small group of users before its launch. And this time Google is no exception, something that has shown with the latest of the great news that could offer the Android app. From what has been known in the last few hours, youtube would be testing the implementation of an option that is very popular in the desktop version of the video app.



This would be the control of the speed of reproduction of a video, or what is the same, choose if we reproduce at a greater or lesser speed. Now users who have been able to witness this test have been able to see how these controls have been added in a simple way to the Google application. To be able to edit this feature in the video playback of the application we have to click on the three points to display a menu, in which we can see a new option, called speed.



By clicking on this speed option you can edit the playback speed of the videos in a very simple way. In fact, we can modify the speed in six different levels plus the normal speed. From a speed of 0.25X to 2X, so we can play video at twice the speed of what we do usually, or much slower. This option is only available to some lucky ones who have YouTube version 12.29.57 installed. At the moment it is only a test, and as such will have to wait a few weeks so that it can definitely reach the stable version of the app if it does finally at some point.