Google prepares an OLED VR over 40 million pixels

The Mountain View company willing to work to achieve an OLED screen for virtual reality devices. For each eye will be possible to have more than 20 million pixels for quality never reached. Let's see the details.

The world of virtual reality could be expanded to reach such a high level that seemed unimaginable until recently. Sent on their way for a no stranger to technological system but with significant numbers appears to be Google that, according to a new rumor from VRSource , is working on a new dedicated OLED screen exclusively to the world of virtual reality and you will even have resolutions even superior to the current 4K displays.

The rumor tells us how the Mountain View company is testing in its laboratories an OLED display with resolution superior to that of 4K displays that we have more than 8 million pixels. In this sense, having a panel with even 20 million pixels means actually exceed to 2.5 times the resolution of 4K already important. What is even more incredible results to be the pixel density that the new display appears to possess and could even surpass the 1,800 ppi. Numbers mind-boggling if we think usually on a panel of a smartphone with 5.5-inch display resolutions is currently hovering about 800 ppi.

At the moment it is unclear what the company appears to be willing to work with Google to bring into production of such a technology but it seems clear that the choice may have been made or Samsung , always pioneering OLED display at high resolutions or LG which in recent years has reached a level of quality on the false line of Samsung. What is certain is the fact that virtual reality is driving a new world for many companies, and in this sense it seems inevitable that in Mountain View you can not help but think big edge over other manufacturers. Besides Google seems increasingly interested in this type of technology with an investment even against Sharp for more production of panels LCD but this time with the goal of zero response times with high resolutions.