Quick Look at the new Full Design of Google Pixel 2

Google is expected to release the new Pixel 2017 and Google Pixel XL 2 in just over 2 months, coming to market just after the iPhone 8 marketing. Even so, we have already seen numerous leaks and rumors that are nothing Before the appearance of the image that heads this article, showing the complete design of the Google Pixel 2.

The people of Android Police have published an image of what they say is the Google Pixel 2, showing all the features of its design that until now we could only intuit by means of concepts or the filtering of the covers of the device. Now, although the name remains unconfirmed, the source is pretty sure that what we have here is the Google Pixel Xl of 2017.


Just take a look at the picture to appreciate the obvious change in design. If we are before the design of the Google Pixel 2 it is clear that it is not going to look too much to last year's variant. In the front, as you can see, we have minimal bevels or at least the bevels are comparatively smaller than Google Pixel from last year. The screen seems to have rounded edges, as does the new Samsung Galaxy S8, and the screen has quite pronounced curves that again recall the top of the Korean manufacturer.

Coming to the back, the design does look more like the Google smartphones released last year, however the glass part of the device is now smaller and does not house the fingerprint scanner. The camera module also looks quite different. And speaking of the camera module, there is no dual camera setup in this back, which was one of the most present rumors in the Google Pixel 2 design.

The source also points out that the screen on the front, in the case of Google Pixel XL 2 we would find a panel of 6 inches with an aspect ratio of 2:1, that is, the same that we find on the screen FullVision LG G6. But the LG smartphone and the flagship of Samsung are not the only Google references to give life to the Google Pixel 2 family, since it seems that the frame surrounding the screen will be sensitive to the pressure, just like those of the HTC U11.

Google is expected to release its new smartphones by the end of October. This will be the same time that will also announce Android 8.0, another of the main features of Google Pixel 2. It will then we can also give this name for good.