How to free space in iOS erasing photos uploaded to Google Photos

Phones and tablets increasingly have better cameras, so they are increasingly used to take pictures or record videos that are stored in the internal memory of our devices, photos and videos that, generally, due to their quality and Resolution usually take up a lot of space, which is usually a problem in devices with quite limited storage and, moreover, no possibility of expansion, such as iPhone and iPad with iOS system.

Although Apple has already remedied and eliminated models with less storage space, those who have devices from previous generations and also did not buy the most expensive model, can find themselves with only 8 or 16 GB of space, so That if they have some applications or games installed and also take photos or record videos, at any time you will see the message "insufficient storage space" that will prevent them from recording more videos or taking more photos, assuming that, above, not Delete all the content they were capturing.

Although Apple has the iCloud cloud , Google has the lead in terms of what the cloud is about, and is that, long ago, the company launched Google Photo s, a complete platform to synchronize our photos and our videos in the cloud So that, in addition to always having a synchronized data backup, we can save space on our devices without losing this information.

Remove iPhone or iPad photos uploaded or synced to Google Photos from iOS manually

For this, all we need is to download, install and configure the Google Photos application on our iPhone or iPad with iOS so that the platform is responsible for backing up our photos and videos in the cloud (or, if We prefer, set up manual copies).

Once our application is configured, we can take our photos, record our videos and use the device however we want. If we have configured automatic backups, we do not have to worry about it anymore, even if we have configured manual copies, the only thing we have to be aware of is to do them.

So when the memory of our device begins to become scarce, all we have to do is open the Google Photos application and display the side menu with all the options of the program. In it we will see a section called " Free Space ".

We click on it and the application will analyze all the applications and videos we have on the device and tell us how many are already uploaded to the cloud and how many can be removed without worrying about losing them when synchronized with the cloud.

Click on the "Delete" button and you're done. Google Photos will erase all photos and videos already synced from our iPhone or iPad with iOS, freeing up storage space to be able to use it for any other purpose.

Do not forget to limit your Google Photos cache to prevent thumbnails from using more account space in the device storage

In addition to synchronizing and deleting the photos of our iPhone or iPad with iOS, another aspect we should not ignore is to limit the cache of the Google Photos app to avoid that, if we have many photos, these can occupy the same, or more , Than having them downloaded to the device.

To do this, simply open the menu "Settings> Storage of the device" and activate the option to limit the size of the cache.


The "Free Space" option will also allow us to delete all photos that are already uploaded, as we have seen previously in the manual.

This will save fewer photos to temporary application files and save more space. Of course, we must take into account that, when not saving files in the cache, whenever we want to see the photos that we have saved in Google Photos we will depend on an Internet connection, either data or Wi-Fi.