What to do when we forget the unlock code on an Android

It is not uncommon that having several mobile terminals or when we have already created several drawings to unlock them, we can forget the PIN or the stroke that we had established. The good news is that from Google have also thought about the forgotten and there are formulas for when we forget the code and we are blocked the device.

If we have Android 4.4 or earlier, it is very easy to skip the forgotten password or pattern to unlock a mobile. We need our terminal to be connected to the Internet, this is essential.

After inserting the code several times, we will see an option that asks if we have forgotten the pattern or the PIN. Just click on it and you will have to enter our Google account username and password to unlock the device.

With Lollipop the thing gets complicated

Now, if we have an updated device to a newer version the thing is complicated. There is no way to recover the password of a terminal as in previous versions and will have to do something drastic, a complete formatting of the terminal to the factory settings.

This happens automatically in the last LG and HTC that after 10 failed attempts have a system that performs a complete deletion of the terminal as a security measure. The problem is that it erases everything, and if we do not have it synchronized or saved, we will lose it.

We have another way to do this, through the device manager or also known as the Android Device Manager. Within the three options we can locate the device, make it sound, block it and delete all its contents, including the password, from a distance.

Finally, the last option is to do a "hard reset". This is done by a combination of keys and the problem is that you have to find the one corresponding to our terminal. That if, although it can be almost any, there are three that are repeated enough:

  • Volume up, Android home button and power on.
  • Volume down and power on.
  • Home button and on.

Using ADB: Only for Experts

And is that we can not forget that Android, unlike other systems, is quite more open and there are no methods to bypass many of the restrictions. That is, for this you have to look for someone who is really an expert in the matter because you have to start installing the Android SDK and the Android Debug Bridge (ADB).

This works practically in 100% of the rooted terminals, sometimes it does not in those that are not. To carry it out, XDA Developers give the formula, and as always, although it is safe, it is at your own risk to do so:

  • We connect the mobile to the computer with USB cable
  • Open a terminal window or commands and put:  adb shell
  • We have to appear # on the screen instead of $. If you do not do it you have to put: your
  • Now, put the following (with Enter at the end of each line):


sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value=0 where name='lock_pattern_autolock';

update system set value=0 wherename='lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';



adb reboot

  • And once you've restarted your computer (again, you have to check that it puts # instead of $):

rm /data/system/gesture.key


adb reboot

Once the phone is restarted, we can put any pattern to unlock it, only have to change the security settings to choose a new one and have it protected again.