Find out when there are paid apps that are free or downgraded on Google Play

Many times, finding out that the apps or games that interest us have gone down in price or have just become free is a titanic job. But as expected, there have been few developers who have put themselves in the shoes of users to offer solutions to these dilemmas. Here's how three applications, such as Freapp , AppSales and AppDeals , focus on notifying us of all price reductions or free availability of our most wanted apps. Here how to Get Paid Apps for free

Each of these apps have the same purpose, although they develop it in different way, inform us of free apps . When you handle them on a regular basis you can boast your friends to be the real deal guru on Google Play .


This application is the one that has a more social and dynamic side of the three . Its operation is simple, because we only have to search and select those applications that we like to start receiving notifications with discounts or free availability. Also in Freapp we can rate and comment the apps as in the Google Store and also has a curious system of rewards. Basically if you bring friends to Freapp you will receive rewards, which will be transformed into virtual coins, which in turn become gift cards to purchase products. With Freapp we will also know the applications and games that our friends have fun, as well as offer daily suggestions of new content.

Download FreeApp


Another alternative to find apps at a good price, reduced or free. With AppSales we can receive notifications about new offers in games, applications and wallpapers, evaluate and comment on the offers with other users of the application or consult the price records of the applications we want. In AppSales we can find free  or cheap apps by creating a tracking list to be always aware of the latest downloads. In these searches and searches we can establish our own search filters, as well as share the offers that interest us most with our friends. For termianr AppSales gives us direct links to developer pages and application trailers.

Download : AppSales: Paid Apps Gone Free & On Sale


AppDeals is the latest app to find low-priced apps at a good price . It is able to check the price of more than 50,000 apps per hour to bring us the coolest rebates through its notifications. AppDeals differentiates the premium apps from the others, which basically are those that have had more than 100,000 downloads. Like the other alternatives to find out about free apps , the list of applications you want will be the starting point to start receiving notifications with discounts on our mobile phone. AppDeals is also optimized for use in 7- and 10-inch tablets. It also shows us the prices in various currencies, such as the euro, the pound sterling and the US dollar.

Download (not on google play) : AppDeals

Surely you will not miss a big discount or the free download of an application or game with these three options designed to avoid missing free and reduced apps from Google Play.