Facebook Down - Users seeing message "Facebook will be back soon"

Facebook is down. Yes, you heard it right the social network giant is reported to be unaccessible my many users including here in India.

Facebook Down

In our personal testing for logged in account the Facebook page will open as a blank page. On testing through a different browser and signing in facebook login page gave the following message "Facebook is down for required maintenance right now".

facebook maintenance mode

Down Detector a website showing internet outrage shows a spike in reports of users not able to access the site from 7 pm IST.

As said many users noticed a total blackout as may be logged in users are getting a blank page and one trying to log in are represented with the maintenance mode message

Comment down below if you too are getting the same message or you are able to access the site from your country.

UPDATE: Facebook was back up here in India at 8.15 pm IST.