How to Enjoy the Best Emulators on iOS Without Jailbreak

The emulation has lived a second youth with the arrival of mobile devices, especially since they appeared the first with touch screens like the iPhone. From that moment the fever for having the best classic juices in our phone became one of the greatest satisfactions for a whole generation. But over time it has become increasingly difficult to access these emulators in iOS through the ordinary channels. Today we tell you a simple way to enjoy them without having to go through iTunes, and without fraudulent processes through.


In iTunes, we can access classic games normally through compilations made by the current owners of the games. But if we want to play our favorite titles, which we have owned for many years, it is virtually impossible to do so through the apps we have on iTunes. Well, the way we can enjoy emulators on iPhone or other devices with iOS is quite simple. We do it through BuildStore, a very modest kind of iTunes, with very few, but well-selected apps, which we have access from the web, instead of any app inside our phone.


Just create an account in BuildStore, which does have an annual cost of $9, a tiny bit if we split it for months or days, and we will have access to numerous emulators for our device. To enjoy the apps of BuildStore we do not need of course iTunes, but neither Cydia or have done the Jailbreak on our phone.


The way we can handle BuildStore is really simple, with no need to install anything on the iPhone, since everything is managed through the web. Once we have created the user account and confirmed the payment data, we can navigate to any of the available apps and install them, as if it were iTunes. Of the available apps, the most interesting are the emulators.


And  in BuildStore we have a good selection that covers practically all the classics of the eighties and nineties. There are emulators of Gameboy Advance, Master System, Super Nintendo, Original Gameboy, MS-DOS, Megadrive, and even for PSP or to play the best arcade of the recitatives, like MAME or Final Burn. In addition, we can access the famous Flappy Bird and Marvel vs Capcom 2. It is certainly an easy way to access emulators for iOS, that although it costs us an annual money, it is worth to be able to install them on our iPhone without cumbersome and dangerous processes.

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