How to Enable Screen Gestures in OnePlus 5

Just a few weeks before the release of OnePlus 5 and in recent days we have seen some options to customize the phone . Oxygen OS makes it very easy to have everything at hand and to our liking. One such aid can be to have everything at hand thanks to shortcuts through gestures. As í screen gestures are enabled on the OnePlus 5 .

You can configure various gestures to open shortcuts easily on the OnePlus 5 even when the screen is off. Just configure them and once they are configured it will be very easy to open the camera or activate the WiFi, for example.

Steps to Enable Screen Gestures in OnePlus 5

To access the section of gestures you will have to go to the section of adjustments of the phone. Once in the settings, in the section of customization you will find the option "gestures". When we click on it we will find two types: gestures of the system and screen of gestures. The first allows you to silence the phone when you rotate it or that by sliding three fingers on the screen we take a screenshot.

The screen gestures are somewhat more complete. If we draw specific shapes with your fingers on the screen of the phone we can open specific applications or perform actions that we have determined how to open the camera, make a video or open the flashlight, for example.

In the screen gestures we find the possibility of double-tapping to wake the phone and the possibilities of music control with gestures on the screen. For example, drawing II with the fingers will play or pause the music and drawing <o> on the screen, we will advance of song.

Beyond that , we can configure gestures to our liking. From the configuration of OnePlus 5 we can choose what we want to happen when we draw an O, when we draw a V, when we draw an S, when we draw an M or when we draw a W. There are many options. We can choose a specific application individually (all are compatible with the gestures) so we do not take long to find it in the application drawer or we can open the camera or other functions that the phone already includes.

OnePlus is not the first to offer this function but it is something quite comfortable and useful if we want to have everything by hand without searching our phone where the flashlight will be when we need it, for example. Just by drawing an O on the screen, even with the screen off, it will open.