Enable Google Built-in Anti-Virus on Android With Google Play Services

Android malware is a reality. Many applications, especially those that are downloaded and installed from unknown sources (pirated application stores, forums, web pages, etc.) often come with unwanted software parts that are installed on our device and can, from stealing data and information from them To use our data network to send premium messages or make payment calls, and may even increase our monthly bill several tens of euros.

There has always been talk about the recommendation to install or not an antivirus on Android . If we use official software stores, such as the Play Store or the Amazon App Store , among others, it is not usually necessary to install any type of antivirus software, however, if we usually install applications or run files from different platforms is recommended That "something" analyzes our equipment and avoid that we end up in the hands of hackers.

For a long time Android has a cloud-based antivirus that analyzes all the applications that we download and install in our device, notifying us when any of them can be dangerous. This antivirus is part of Google Play Services , a series of tools and services developed by Google for all Android devices in order to reduce fragmentation in general.

Most likely this tool is already installed, but otherwise we can do it manually from the Play Store.

Developer: Google Inc.

Price: Free

Once installed we can see how in our application launcher we have a new entry called "Google Settings". Within the Google Settings we must click on the entry "Security". It will open a new configuration screen with additional options.

At the bottom, in the section "Verify applications", we can activate or deactivate this antivirus function. This security software consists of two parts:

  • Look for security threats. Compare the apps with the Google database to see if it's dangerous or not.
  • Improve detection of harmful applications. It sends unknown applications to Google to be analyzed and to know if they are dangerous or not.


We activate the two options and go. From now on Android will check all the applications we install on our device, notifying us when any of them is dangerous or may contain malware. However, the final decision to install them is ours.