How to Download and Install Kodi on Any Android Smartphone

Kodi, formerly known as XBMC, is a free and open source multimedia center thanks to which we can see all kinds of videos (both local and streaming), listen to music and view photos, among many other options, fully centralized within This platform.

maxresdefault (10)This multimedia center started being developed for the first Xbox, however, as time has passed it has become a multiplatform tool, being able to find it for practically any operating system, from the classic Windows, Linux or Android to the more specific ones like BSD.

How to install Kodi on Android

Despite the criticism, this multimedia center is available in the Play Store (unlike what happens with iOS), so the fastest and easiest way to download it is directly from the store that, in addition, offers us the Latest version available and optimized for your particular device.

Developer: XBMC Foundation

Price: Free

In addition, from the main Kodi website, we can also download other versions of this multimedia center, such as the development version, or versions for specific CPU architectures or if we have a device that does not have the integration of Google Play.

Getting Started with Kodi for Android

First of all, we want to point out that Kodi is a very heavy application and it generates plenty of temporary files, so if we use it on slow or slow-range devices, it is likely that we have a lot of problems, being The best option to clean all data from the multimedia center for Android.

Once the application is installed we run it on our Android smartphone. The first thing we will see will be a load screen that will appear for several seconds the first time we run Kodi and, when finished, we will be able to see the main screen of this application.


How to Play a Video with Kodi for Android

Once we have our player in Spanish we can start using it. This multimedia center offers a huge amount of options and configurations, so if we want to, we can spend hours on them.

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In the end, these media center players work similarly, so, in this case, I'll explain how it can be opened with a video file that we have stored in the internal memory of the device. To do this, all you have to do is select the section "Video" menu on the left side and see the different categories of this entry.

kodi-androidThe next step will be to choose where we have the video stored. This can be in the internal memory, in a micro-SD or in an OTG USB device. We will select the medium where we have saved our video and we will see an explorer in which all of them appear to us. The only thing left to do is to click on it and Kodi will automatically start playing the video on our Android.

This process is practically the same to listen to music in MP3 that we can have stored in our phone like to see the photos stored in him, simply changing the corresponding category from the main menu of the left.