Dell Alienware PCs Windows 10 April Update Finally Confirmed

It is finally confirmed. If you have got one of those many kinds of all Dell Alienware laptops which would not install the most recent version of Windows 10, you are now clear to go ahead and install it now.

Dell Alienware PCs Windows 10 April Update

A few Alienware laptops have been one of the apparatus that Microsoft prevented by installing the Windows 10 April 2018 Update for Dell Alienware and functioning an error message regarding the compatibility problems impacting hybrid laptops using different GPUs joined to the screen.

After some 3 months of harm, Microsoft is currently enabling Alienware computers to gain access to the hottest Windows 10 upgrade, as reported by a conversation twetted by Alienware Support.

"Microsoft is presently obstructing these versions from installing the upgrade because of a known incompatibility which can trigger these devices to show a black screen after copying from battery saver mode," that a moderator and also Microsoft's service forum stated at the moment.

However, now things seem to be peachy, even although it's well worth noting that Microsoft has not upgraded its service page on the topic however, therefore we'll only need to choose Alienware's term for this.

In accordance with Alienware notebook users onto a Reddit conversation on the upgrade, it Seems to be working for many people.

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Alienware users that there are not any problems installing the upgrade, so it seems the block has been raised. Most users have not had issues after upgrading, however, a small amount have reported black-screen issues.

However some Reddit users conducted into problems with a single noticing:"I've the Alienware 15R3 plus I made the decision to put in a fresh copy of windows 10 1803 and every-time I attempt to install the Nvidia drivers, so the display goes black and it comes backagain. The notebook is still around, the display backlight is still functioning and the fans too."

So there might be a couple of gremlins left from the upgrade that might have to get put to bed, even though because of the superb world of computers,'' said problems might be down to some borked installment of Nvidia drivers, even a faulty device, or user error.

If you are fortunate enough to get the deep pockets necessary to shell-out to an Alienware gaming notebook we would propose proceeding with care when it has to do with the upgrade, although in the event that you've got automatic Windows 10 updates , it can be too late.