Cydia Impactor Eliminates Jailbreak Without Restoring iPhone

Saurik, the creator of Cydia has released an application that will delight all those who have the jailbreak and even those who were thinking. And the problem that occurred when there was a problem with the terminal and we had to " des-jailbreaker " was that there was only one option: restore a new image of the system. Now we will not have to go through that process, staying in a version that can be "re-jailbreak Eda" in the future.

cydia-jailbreakThe creator of Cydia, Jay Freeman is better known as Saurik, has created the tool that gives an option that until now, and is said soon, did not exist. And it is that who has an iPhone or an iPad knows this well, with the jailbreak done, the only option we have is to update the system to eliminate the jailbreak or restore the computer in case of problems. In one case or another, what used to happen is that we were in a version in l that we could no longer have jailbreak again.


In fact, if there is no update available, it is the only option you had so far to remove the jailbreak from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Now Cydia Impactor makes everything much simpler. It even seems that Saurik throws stones at his own roof because this is still a way to also eliminate access to his platform of applications and "tweaks" alternative to iTunes.

As usual, you will only have to look for it in the Saurik store, inside the default repositories, and download the application that has a unique and significant button that says "delete all data an un-jailbreak device".


And this is important, the process ends with all the data of the device and leaves it as if it came from the factory. You will even need to re-activate the device with a SIM card and the corresponding iCloud account. In addition, before we get down to work, we better have done or have stored periodically - in the case of failure - a backup of all the data we have on it.

Other warnings Saurik is already typical of: have enough battery, Internet connection and do not worry if we see that a list of data appears during several minutes in which the program will be doing its "magic" and des- Jailbreakeando the terminal. The good thing is that if after all this process we want to re-do the jailbreak, this time yes, we can do it.