How to Copy Paste In Command Prompt

The copy-paste feature by use of the Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V commands is one in all the foremost used options of a Windows operating system. It makes our lives easier and acts as a lifesaver in multiple tasks. However, to enable Copy Paste In Command Prompt you need to follow some simple steps first.

command prompt

I have come across many queries over this topic and many people asking me questions like:

  • How to enable copy and paste in CMD
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  • Ctrl+C/ Ctrl+V not working in CMD

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Well here’s the solution to enable copy paste feature in command prompt. I will be using windows 10 laptop. Just follow these steps and you’re done.

How to Copy Paste In Command Prompt

  • First type CMD in search and right-click on Command prompt and then Run as administrator.

  • Now right-click on top bar of command prompt windows and go to properties.

  • In properties menu select the 'Enable Ctrl key shortcuts' option and click on ok.

cmd ctrl

That’s it! You’re done. Now command prompt will start recognizing Ctrl key shortcuts from keyboard. You can use this setting to copy or paste commands directly by using Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V to your command prompt rather than typing commands. Another example is of task termination by pressing Ctrl+C. You can also use Ctrl+C  shortcut to stop executing a running task in command prompt.

There are much more cool tasks you can perform using  Command Prompt like Shuting down computer using Cmd. Have any another cool hidden feature in CMD to share? Let me know it in comments below.