How to Control Firewall in Huawei Devices using Emui System

Nowadays, practically all applications that we can install on a smartphone connect to the Internet to perform certain functions, download data from a centralized server or to send personal data to the developer. While we are connected to a Wi-Fi network, this is no problem since all or almost all ADSL or Fiber connections are unlimited in terms of traffic, however, if we connect to a 3G or 4G mobile data network , These networks are limited, being able to navigate a few hundred megabytes a month.

When applications connect to the Internet through the data network, either while we use them or while they run in the background, they can consume the entire Internet rate in just a few hours, To avoid this, we must always have control of all applications that connect to the Internet and, if possible, block all those that are not strictly necessary to prevent them from spending data unnecessarily.

One of the main features of EMUI , the Android-based operating system that installs Huawei on its smartphones, comes with a large number of native applications in the system that give us greater control over all aspects of the operating system like tweaking Huawei device battery. One of these features is a firewall, or firewall, that allows us to choose which applications can connect to the Internet and which can not.

How to control the Internet access of Android applications from the EMUI firewall on Huawei smartphones

To access it, simply open the System Settings and select " Data Traffic Management" .

Once inside we will see the data we have consumed in the last month and a series of options at the bottom. Click on " Network applications ".

It will open a new page where we can see all the applications installed on our device, both manually and system applications.

As we can see, each application in the list will have two different columns, one relative to mobile data and another to Wi-Fi . By clicking on each of the columns of each application we can choose if we want them to connect to the Internet for mobile data, Wi-Fi, either or both.

At the top of the list, we have a row called " All ". From it we can mark or unmark all applications in a column so that, for example, we prevent any application from connecting to the Internet through mobile data.

Finally, at the bottom we have a button called " Settings ". If we click on it we can mark an option that will be in charge of blocking all the mobile data traffic of the applications in the background so that with it we will make sure that only the applications that we open manually and that we have visible in the screen will be able to connect to Internet from mobile data.

If we want to save the maximum amount of mobile data, but not lose functionality in the smartphone, the best option is to block the connection through mobile data by unchecking the "All" section and manually enable data traffic to all applications that We need, for example, e-mail, WhatsApp , or Internet browser so that only applications that we enable manually can use the limited data of our tariff.