Trick to configure Twitter Lite as android app using Chrome

Twitter is one of the most used social networks designed to allow us to share our thoughts with our followers through messages of 160 characters. This social network counts, like all the others, with their corresponding official and unofficial applications that allow us to make use of the platform without always having to rely on our web browser, especially when we use mobile devices. However, no Twitter client seems to end up convincing users, and much less official, so the company has been forced to back down and launch a new experiment known as Twitter Lite . Here is a trick to configure Twitter Lite as android app

Twitter Lite is an alternative client for this social network specially designed for devices with few resources and for use in slow networks or from very limited data rates. According to official specifications, this client loads 30% faster and consumes 70% less data than the web or the main client. Unfortunately, the company has not launched it in application mode, but has implemented it directly on its website, replacing the classic mobile version with this one, but depending on the browser to use it, which is not exactly practical.

Fortunately, Google Chrome has a very simple option that allows us to turn any web into an app to be used as one more application. Then let's see how it is used.

Convert Twitter Lite, or any other web, into an Android app

In order to isolate a web from Google Chrome and work with it as if it were a normal app, all we have to do is open twitter web page from our browser to load this client into our phone.

Once your home page is loaded, we'll open the Google Chrome menu and look for the " Add to home screen " option and choose the name we want to add to the icon we're adding to our app launcher.

After a few seconds we will see a notification that indicates that the application has been successfully added to the home screen, or launcher, of our Android. Now, if we close our Google Chrome, we can see how a new icon has appeared in our launcher and, if we click on it, we will open a reduced version of Google Chrome directly with Twitter Lite loaded on it.

In this way, using this client will be much faster than using it directly from the browser and may even allow us to completely delete the official Twitter app since, in most cases, we will have everything we need to use this network Social.

In case you want to turn any other website into an Android app, for example, the main web of Geek Gyaan or Facebook, the process will be the same, we will simply open the web in the browser and create a quick access to our application launcher so Which, simply by clicking on it, we can access this web quickly without going through our default web browser.

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