How to choose which applications can connect to Internet and in what way

It is likely that in the day to day does not see the need to cut off Internet access to most applications. But if we are outside of India or want to save a bit on the data, avoiding, for example, that the applications or free games show us the tiring publicity they carry, in many cases, a simple application allows this option

We come back with a manual to use an application that maybe just by the name does not attract much, Firewall without Root, but when we know everything we can do with it, things change a lot. And is that it is a really powerful manager of the connections that make the Internet the applications that we have installed.

And is that as he tells us, with this application for Android we can get two advantages, the possibility of limiting Internet access to different applications to save in MB of our data share and in those applications that do not need a connection for Prevent them from connecting and jamming us with advertising.

The best thing about this application, besides the above, is that it will allow us not only to decide which applications can connect to the Internet, but to separate how we want them to do so. For example, we can tell you that certain applications are only connected through mobile networks or when we are connected to WiFi, or that can connect to either.

This firewall also allows us to set things like global filters to, for example, block an IP, and, more interestingly, an access log that will tell us when and how an application has been connected to the Internet.

On the other hand, we call again to anyone who has an application or want to talk about one that you like especially, let us know, whether on Twitter , Facebook or the Comments in this news, so that we echo the same.