How To Cheat In Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the hottest game around world right now. You probably have it installed by now and if you still don’t, you’re missing all fun of mobile gaming my friend. According to Survey Monkey reports it has already left twitter in dust and now gunning for snapchat.

pokemon go

Many of you reading this have already installed Pokemon go and are at level 5 or above i assume. So welcome to life after level 5 Pokemon trainer. It doesn’t matter if you belong to team Mystic, Valor or Instinct, it’s a war out there.

Pokemon Go relays on Niantic,Inc. previous game Ingress in order to get location of PokeStops and Gyms. The game needs you to walk out in order to catch some Pokemon and battle in gyms. But can we somehow trick the game in thinking that we have moved, without actually leaving your house?

Yes, You can! There are many places out there which are having many PokeStops and Gyms in very small area. You can visit those area without even moving out of your couch.

You will need a rooted android phone or a android emulator like BlueStack if you want to use it on PC, in order for this trick to work.

You will also require two file for this trick.

So Here How You Can Cheat In Pokemon Go

  • Download lucky patcher and install it. After installing it will ask for root permission, Grant it root permission.
  • Now Select the  4th option ‘Rebuild & Install’ from bottom menu.

Pokemon Go

  • Select the path where you downloaded the FakeGps app, tap on the .apk file of FakeGps and select ‘Install As System app

  • Now after installation is complete, lucky patcher will ask for reboot permission. Select yes and let the reboot complete ( It would take some time for reboot and you will see ‘Android is upgrading’ or ‘Optimizing apps’ message after reboot. Don’t’ panic its fine.)
  • Now in order for FakeGps app to work you need to allow Mock locations from developer options.

(If you cant find developer options in phone's settings, just go to About from your phone settings and tap the build number many times till you see ‘You are now a developer’ message.)

  • Now in developer option Select Allow Mock Locations. If you’re on Android Marshmallow, you will need to select the Mock Location App as FakeGps.

Pokemon Go

  • Now open FakeGps app and from settings enable Expert Mode.

Pokemon Go (4)

  • You’re almost there. Select the desire location form FakeGps app by double tapping on map. After that make sure that mock location is still selected in developer options (if not again enable it). And then toggle the developer options off.
  • Open Pokemon Go app. If you did everything right you will be at your new selected location.

(If you get unable to find location after yo open Pokemon GO, you probably have mock locations and developer options on. If you are still at your home location then you might have mock location OFF)

Note: You have to make sure that before and after selecting location in FakeGps, mock location should be On. And after selecting your desired location you should turn off the developer options after keeping Mock location ticked .

That’s it you can now play Pokemon Go without even moving out from your couch. However be careful about using this trick as it may result in soft ban where you might not be able to catch any Pokemon’s, collect items from PokeStops and battle in Gym’s for an hour.