Celebrate Geeky Dads Everywhere With These Nerd-centric Father's Day Gifts

For many of us, our first brush with geekdom began with our dear old dad. Maybe he showed you Star Wars when you were a kid. Or maybe he got you into comics by sharing some of his favorites with you when you were learning how to read. In any case, our dads are all superheroes, no matter their contributions to fandom.

So this Father’s Day, why not give Dad something back with one of these awesome hand-picked gifts, courtesy of ThinkGeek? Whether your pops is a big Han Solo fan or loves huge foam sword replicas, there’s something he’ll absolutely giggle devilishly about here in this collection. The toughest thing about this collection of gifts for Father’s Day? Choosing which one you can give away without wanting to keep for yourself! Happy Father’s Day, to all the geeky dads out there!


Go on, let your dad pretend he’s Batman for a little while. No one’s going to judge him, we swear. It’s not like we don’t do the same thing in our bedrooms from time to time. This is just a little better one than we typically use to play around with.

Black Panther High Top Sneaker

Help Dad out with a stylish way to show the world how much he loves Black Panther. These high tops are the perfect way to rep Wakanda and everything it stands for. Plus, they go with just about everything! Send a message with these awesome kicks, and keep Dad comfy and lookin’ fly.

Zeus’ Knife

Dad could always use a cool new knife to cut meat, or whatever needs cutting, right? Why not give him a tool from one of the Gods of Mt. Olympus himself? Yes, Zeus’ Knife is not only sharp, but it’s majestic and proud, just like Dad! Whether he’s cutting the tags off the new button-up he just bought or doing some fancy cooking, this all-purpose knife should serve him well.

Star Wars: Solo Han Solo Faux Suede Replica Jacket

Never tell Dad the odds…that you’re buying him this awesome faux suede replica jacket, straight out of Solo: A Star Wars Story. Then he’ll start trying to figure out what he wants to wear it with, how best to pair it with other parts of his wardrobe, and all that other stuff. Just surprise him with it, and he’ll be feeling like the scruffiest nerf-herder in all the galaxy soon enough.

Poké Ball Bluetooth Speaker

Dad knows what Pokémon is, right? Odds are, he’s probably out playing Pokémon Go right now, even more than you do! Give him the gift of awesome tunes he can take anywhere he goes with this iconic Poké Ball speaker that he can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Overwatch Snapback Cap

Does Dad have a favorite hero he loves to main? Maybe he’s just an Overwatch fan in general? It’s an unwritten rule that all dads love new hats, so give Dad this understated yet totally awesome cap so he can show off his love for Blizzard’s hero shooter — even if he mains Genji. Hey, like we said before, judgement-free zone!

Light-Up Peg Board

If Dad’s always finding himself forgetting things, this light-up pegboard isn’t such a bad idea, you know. You can write him fun messages or do some cool back-and-forth stuff, so Dad always knows he’s on your mind. It’s also great for slogans, like “Happy Father’s Day!” so you could use this pegboard in a cool way to share greetings for the holiday.

Game of Thrones Longclaw Cosplay Foam Sword

If Dad can’t get enough of Game of Thrones, grab him this awesome replica sword so he can re-enact all the swordfights he wants in the comfort of his own home. Whether he’s House Baratheon, House Greyjoy, or House Targaryen, he’ll appreciate this massive sword and swinging it around — who wouldn’t?

Star Wars Death Star Dome Tent

Planning on going camping with Dad? Do it up in style and pretend you’re both hiding out in the Death Star, with this luxurious Death Star Dome Tent. It’s a bit pricey, but that’s how you know you’re about to have a quality backyard adventure. Just make sure you don’t try to steal it away from Dad because you realize just how awesome it actually is. Look at it. Are you sure you’re going to be able to part with it?

Captain America Canvas Backpack

Who can’t use a rugged backpack for carrying stuff around? Whether Dad’s heading out to work and needs a bag to stow his stuff in, or going to the gym to get into Cap shape, make sure he’s covered with this awesome knapsack. It’s understated yet patriotic, with a big ol’ shield on the front bottom pocket, just in case anyone wants to know who Dad’s favorite Avenger is. We all know the correct answer is Captain America, of course.

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