Best Samsung Galaxy S8 ROMs

The development topic for Android continues without dying, and we see as there is a great community behind the latest mobiles released to the market. Today we are going to teach you the best ROMs for the Samsung Galaxy S8 that we have been able to find on the Internet with better opinions.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 is a really complete terminal, which has a layer of customization greatly improved over past years, so it is becoming less necessary to put a different ROM than the one that comes by default in the device.

For everyone who still wants to robotic your terminal and change the ROM to squeeze it to the maximum, we are going to leave you with four ROMs of the S8 that according to the opinion of the users, are the best currently.

One of the best ROMs for the Galaxy S8 is BatMan

One of the best ROMs there was for the Samsung Galaxy S7 was SuperMan , and is BatMan is from the same developer . It brings us an experience quite close to what we have in the Samsung customization layer , but with much more customization such as button settings, LED customization and more features. Your battery is increased by users.


BatStocks ROM brings us a much better performance than the stock ROM that comes with the S8 , with constant updates and quite curious options of customization, as well as bring us facilities to change the terminal kernel.

Renovate Ice

Renovate Ice ROM has a very good battery management, the best if we rely on the majority of users opinions. It brings us many changes in the interface and the possibility to customize them our way, as well as a pre-installed applications to make the most of a root terminal and improve the battery. It has shortcuts and quick settings that can be placed on the different buttons on the terminal, and lets you remap the Bixby button.


Nemesis is latest ROM that we bring you for the Galaxy S8 is one of the best performance gives as it is based on that, not include as many applications, clean all possible bloatware and focus the full power of the terminal to deliver enviable performance. It gives us different customization options and gives us an application - payment - to further personalize all the Galaxy S8 buttons.