Aquila Messenger, the WhatsApp for Twitter

Many people use Twitter to see the latest tweets of people and brands that follow, but some actually only use it to send messages to their friends. And is that the use of direct messages in the social network has grown exponentially in recent years. That's why the Google Play Store already has a messaging application compatible with the platform, something that we could call the WhatsApp for Twitter.

Once again he has been one of the developers of XDA, john.rees , who has created an application called Aquila Messenger that does exactly that, keep in touch with Twitter followers through a simple and practical instant messaging application. This way you do not have to access the social network to have conversations with our contacts and we can meet all those followers that we have in our Twitter account.

How this WhatsApp works for Twitter

The application tries to be a WhatsApp for Twitter, but is more focused on providing users with a colorful messaging interface for Twitter that also allows you to log in to multiple accounts on the social network at the same time. In this way we have at our disposal our professional profile, and our particular profile in the same application.

Aquila Messenger is a Twitter-based messaging application that collects much of the features of other instant messaging applications like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger . Therefore, among its possibilities and functions you will find the option to set themes to customize the application, apply colors to the chat bubbles, customize the notifications, etc ...

In addition Aquila Messenger is also optimized for the exchange of videos, still images and GIF. It also lets you know if your friends are online and the last time they were active. Of course, we miss other features like the possibility of making VoIP calls, and of course the classic video calls. Nor can we create groups in the application.

Keep in mind that the application that acts as a kind of WhatsApp for Twitter is in the beta phase, although it can be downloaded for free by anyone who wants it from the Google Play Store. Failure to operate is likely to be an end application.

Do you often have conversations with your Twitter contacts? If so, tell us what you think of this curious application in the comments of this same news.