Apple working on autonomous driving system

Apple CEO does not mince words about the projects of his company in the world of autonomous driving. In an officially he declares that Cupertino has a strong interest in the car market but the same is also the most difficult on which Apple is working.

Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, officially admits that his company is working on a project for autonomous driving. After years of denials, more or less strong rumors, unconfirmed ads, finally gets admission to a public a highly secret project, at least until now, with which Apple would debut in the automobile world and especially in that very field the hard drive without human help. Achieving such a technology is certainly not how to make a smartphone but it is clear that the strides made by technology can only help in this direction and Apple can not afford to miss this opportunity.

At Bloomberg Television , the CEO Tim Cook says Apple as you are strong "focusing on autonomous driving systems. This technology according to Apple is more important than ever odiername tech and the Cupertino company can not clearly not interested. It 'a little' as the mother of all projects related to Artificial Intelligence of which we began to disclose our intentions during the WWDC 2017. certainly the project for future autonomous driving systems is one of the most difficult on which we have had a hand " .

No specific reference to the new project, as it was obvious to expect, but we know that his name is "Project Titan" and it would be working already thousands of people since last 2016 led by Senior Vice President of Technologies, Bob Mansfield , a veteran of ' Cupertino company and above all highly capable in important projects of Apple. We know how the Apple executive decided to leave the company in 2012 and as his resignation was virtually rejected by Tim Cook who wanted him at the head of special projects at Apple.

It is not known if indeed Apple is interested directly to achieving their own car with its software and technologies for autonomous driving or even challenged other companies to test their findings with the help of one who knows best when it comes motoring. In fact the new world of the autonomous driving systems is growing and there are many companies who recognize in this new direction of the automobile market an incredible appeal by BMW General Motors passing for FCA and not forgetting clearly Tesla.