Android Smartphone Not Charging | 8 Tricks to Solve Battery Not Charging

Not the best, but it happens sometimes. You have a problem with the charging of Android your smartphone. You're not the only one since it is one of the most common problems faced by many Android users.

charge-android-smartphone-640×427We suggest some steps you should take before you start to panic, to find the cause of non-charging of your Android smartphone and what you can do to troubleshoot the problem before you go on your device a technical.

Here Are 8 Work Around to Fix Smartphone Battery Not Charging

1. Try a simple reboot

Turn your Android off and open it again. Before you start doing anything else to troubleshoot your problem, this is the first solution you should try. Some applications running in the background can impact the battery. By restarting your phone, you force your device to work without these applications.

2. Try a different charger cable

The charging cable is a very common cause charging failure. The kinks that makes during use may interrupt the continuity of its internal connections, or at internal wiring. There is a good chance to have more than one cable somewhere in your drawers from your other devices that have the same type of connection port, so try to change the cable to see if this is the problem.

3. The USB port needs repair

The continuous connection and disconnection may have moved some of the metal surfaces inside the USB port. If this happens, it is good contact and your phone probably will not be charged or will charge very slowly.
Turn off your device and remove the battery. Ask a friend to continuously illuminate a glass door to see better and, with a toothpick (or something equally small), lift the small pins on the port. Be very careful when you do this to prevent any permanent damage.

4. The charger does not work

If you have a charger which can be separated from the charging cable, this is another chance and cause damage. The continuous removal of the cable can cause damage to the USB port. But the charger itself, as an electronic device, can eventually be burned. To check if the charger is problematic, try another one.
Ask a friend to try their own or you can always buy a new one. You can also try to connect the device to your computer. While charging, buying a new charger seems to be a very good idea.

5. Is it time for a new battery?

Over time, your bad behavior to the battery may be the factor that will weaken. Sooner or later you will need to replace the battery, but the bad charging habits can accelerate the process. If you can not replace the battery yourself, however, this could be the perfect excuse to finally get this phone that you put in the eye long...

The obvious signs that a new battery if need be slightly swollen or opened at some point. Remove the battery and place it on a flat surface and try to spin. If rotated (or seesaw), even a little, it is time for a new battery. Another sign that your battery is on its last legs, is that it no longer has an end of the charging. Or when the battery life is reduced from 100% to 50% immediately after charging. If your Android phone comes with a built-in battery that is not easily removed by hand, you need to go to a local repair shop to have the tools to change.

6. Clean the ports

You will probably be surprised by how much dust and crumbs can get into your phone. The cleanliness in electronic devices, in general, is essential, and the lack of a common cause failures. If possible, using a compressed air reservoir, remove dust and various debris. If not, try to blow loudly with his mouth all ports. It may help to remove smoke pieces of cigarettes that have nested there.

7. Install Ampere (amps)

To know if your Android phone is really charging, try to install Ampere. It is free from Google Play and gives you all sorts of information about the health and performance of your battery. You can see how much electricity you consume in the pipeline, the construction of identity, Android version, temperature and if you work with battery or an AC adapter. There are several other battery saving apps you can use to get more juice from your battery.

8. Use the original charger

It's something you definitely do many of you. You can not find your new charger, so grab your old phone simply because the plug fits. But chargers meet certain current and voltage specifications for each phone. If you do not use the original charger, you may find yourself faced with a slow loading, or the phone may not charge at all. There are some phones that will not start charging or not, if not using the original charger. Also, some phones may require up to fifteen minutes to show you if you are charged.

The inability to charge your device is a fault that everyone will come sooner or later. Thanks to these helpful tips, you will be prepared for how to handle the situation.