Alex Jones' YouTube Page Banned

YouTube has banned Alex Jones' account, after prohibits earlier Monday from Apple and Facebook. Yes you heard right Alex Jones YouTube Page Banned after ban from Facebook and Twitter.

 Alex Jones' YouTube Page Banned

Alex Jones Youtube page had 2.4 million subscribers. The page was even searchable in Google until Mid Monday .

"When users violate these policies like coverages hate speech and our conditions prohibiting circumvention of the enforcement steps we all finish their accounts." , said YouTube.

YouTube counts"strikes" from web pages for articles that violate the organization's policies.

A webpage with a single strike against it's suspended from live streaming for 90 days, YouTube stated, but Jones tried to bypass the suspension by live streaming on different stations. Consequently, his webpage was terminated, the business said.

The InfoWars YouTube page that has considerably fewer readers was still residing at noon ET.

Initially, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify took particular actions, exposing some episodes of Jones's podcasts and reveals or eliminating chosen social networking articles they discovered to be in breach of policies while enabling Infowars stations to stay active. Last Thursday the favorite audio streaming program Stitcher became the primary platform to pull all Jones's articles, without a great deal of fuss.

On Sunday night, Apple followed suit, summarily banning most Jones's articles from iTunes -- at the process sending a definitive message regarding what is and is not permissible free speech. Almost instantly, the dominoes started to fall: In the hours because Apple took actions, multiple websites have begun scrambling to undo places they had been defending only a week past.

Jones and his controversial radio series have for many weeks been in the middle of disagreement around fake misinformation and news about electronic platforms. Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg attracted criticism for failing to eliminate the InfoWars page.

Jones verified on Twitter he was prohibited by Facebook, Apple, and Spotify.