AirPods next generation could allow the detection of biometric data

The new next generation wireless headset may enable a biometric sensing that no one has yet realized. A patent explains how it works and the possible integration with other devices.

The new Apple wireless headphones, AirPods , have captivated audiences of audio enthusiasts but especially Apple finally allows users to have a quality product with functionality. The AirPods fact combine all this in a single device that in its next generation may increase its functionality even pocketing a biometric detection . In this case, the Cupertino company has entered into a patent which are clearly mentioned its new features coming.

According to the patent filed on Patent & Trademark Office , the Cupertino company, might be able to place in the new generation of its AirPods one or more biometric sensors capable of detecting any kind of biometric data. The positioning of a portion of the tragus, namely the cartilage projection on the ear canal, can be exploited for precise measurements to biometric level.

Apple moreover could allow to wear the earphones then randomly without any prerogative between the left and the right. This is all thanks to the Cupertino created by the configuration that will position circuits and sensors in order to sense whether the earphones were placed on an ear rather than in another. Besides Apple says in the patent as just position the biometric sensor in direct contact with the skin and thus all the more so simple and straightforward.

Users seem to be increasingly interested in this type of devices, and we know how Apple is increasingly directed to develop such devices that allow to detect vital signs intuitively but also accurate. Unconfirmed reports also speak of a new Apple Watch coming up with references to the glucose level measurements that somehow projects towards more and more medical surveys.