5 Best Android Apps For 2016

Android is currently the largest shareholder in smartphone market. According to Net Marketshare Android holds up to 70.85% of smartphones market. This is mainly due to open source platform initiative by google which encourage wide variety of apps by different developers. According to study by statistic.com in July 2015 android users were able to choose between 1.6 million apps.

Choosing top android apps in such a vast market can be bit challenging .Let me simplify the task for you.

Here A List Of Top 5 Free Apps For Android. 
  1. Clean Master

Clean master

Clean master is most popular cleaner app found on play store. It is like all-rounder of mobile apps. It’s a free maintenance app, a security app, and also have an inbuilt battery saver function and virus scanner. Opening the app will give you four options. First is Junk Cleaner which scans for residual .apk files, cached memory and other junks and gives you option to clean them or keep if you find them important. 2nd option is Phone Boost which just acts as a RAM cleaner. 3rd is Antivirus and 4th option is Apps Manager which lets you manage and batch uninstall apps. I highly recommend that you check out this app as lot of junk gets accumulated in our phone and having such app can improve the performance by lot.

  1. Night Screen

Night Screen

This is simple yet very useful app hence finds its way at second position of must have best android apps. Android has option to increase or decrease screen brightness and also supports ambient light sensor to automate the tasks. But the low brightness setting is not always that low to be used in complete dark environment. This app lets us decrease the screen brightness to lower level than what native android phones supports.

  1. Disk Usage

disk usage

Ever ran out of space and had no idea of what files are taking up space in your system. Well this cool android app is meant just for that situation. Unlike other file analyzer this app gives a graphical representation of disk usage which is really very easy to understand. Just open the app and select your storage to scan and within few seconds the app will give you detailed information on size used by each files and folder.

  1. 500 Firepaper

500 firepaper

There are tons of wallpaper apps out there in play store. This is yet an another best wallpaper app but what makes it unique is that it can change your wallpaper after specific interval or you can change your wallpaper manually by tapping with three fingers. You have option to select which categories you want and app will display only those categories wallpaper. The only downside is that you would need Wi-Fi connection for few mins to download the set of wallpaper and also it can have some effect on your battery life. Still try this app as it’s one of most innovative app I have come across.

  1. Swiftkey keyboard

swiftkey keyboard

Coming to the keyboard session, any version of android have one or another added feature in its default keyboard app. But this one is my favorite and I have been using it since my first android smartphone. With over more than 5 million download on play store and rating of 4.5 star it’s considered as one of  most used keyboard app. What I love most about this is it can learn what you’re typing irrespective of language. Other keyboard apps also have this feature but I have noticed that this app can also remember the slang you’re using which I found to be pretty cool. Also you have swipe feature and a lots of themes to customize the looks further.

Which apps do use and think are best android apps? Let me know in comments below.