10 Ways to Increase WiFI Range

WiFi is one of most important part which adds value to your computing life but can also be one of most annoying thing if you’re suffering from slow speeds, poor range or weak signal. There are many different options to boost your WiFi speed and throughput, ranging from free options by tweaking some settings to more expensive ways of buying a new setup.

However the method depends on what suits you. After all you can’t just go out and buy a new router or repeater if interference is the main culprit. Here I will guide you through some tips and tricks on increasing WiFi range of router.

Ways to Increase WiFi Range

  1. Don’t Hide Your Router.


I know routers can be ugly or not so pleasant to look at and you might prefer hiding it behind a closet or in cabinet. If you’re doing so stop it immediately. Walls and doors can degrade as well as absorb WiFi signal. Place your router in open space where your device and router are in line of sight.

  1. Find the right wireless channel.


This is the main reason for slow WiFi speeds in urban regions or where you have many WiFi signals in small region. Neighbors router signals may be interfering with your homes WiFi signal, causing it to degrade. Routers can operate on number of different channels, and you need to select the channel which has less amount of interference as possible.  You can use tools like WiFi Analyzer to find perfect channel having less interference.

  1. Place router away from metal objects.

Yes you heard it right, metal objects tends to absorb WiFi signal thereby decreasing the range. Keep your router away from microwaves, fluorescent lights and cordless telephones.

  1. Reset on schedule.

It may sound simple but can help clearing majority of tech related problems. This is probably the first thing your internet provider will advise you to do when you call to complain. So reboot your router once a day before checking out other areas for problems.

  1. Update your firmware.

update button

I can understand running firmware updates can be annoying and also time consuming. But if you don’t frequently buy a new kit you're probably stuck with an old router. Those updates ensure that your router is performing at its best with most efficiency.

  1. Use strong passwords.


WiFi speeds depends on number of users simultaneously connected to a network at a time. So make sure you use strong password and share it with only authorized persons whom you want in your network. Each router shows number of devices connected to your router and their MAC address. Use this feature to block out WiFi stealers by locking them out using MAC filters.

  1. Install a custom firmware.

There are many custom firmware out there which will enhance your router performance and also provide many functions which your previous firmware wont. DD-WRT firmware is one of most popular custom firmware out there.

  1. Place router at a centralized location.

Video Source: Bright Side

As I said above WiFi signals gets absorbed by walls. So if you’re wondering why you’re not getting range in your bedroom, you probably have your router at other end of house. So plan your router placement so it covers maximum area of your house.

  1. Increase you WiFi range using DIY hacks.

If range is still not reaching far enough, you can use some simple DIY tricks. Most routers have Omni-Directional antennas so they emit wireless signals in all directions. If you have your router at centralized location then this is actually good. But if your router is in some corner, consider adding a reflector behind antenna to propagate the signal in desired direction.

  1. Buy a repeater.

wifi repeater

Most router have a range of 150 feet. If you live in a big house where your devices are located far away from your router you might not see any results from above mentioned methods. The easiest method to boost WiFi range in such case is buy a WiFi repeater which can plug into any wall outlet and can extend WiFi range to farthest corner of your house.

After going throught above steps you will notice that your network is faster and more secure than ever. When you're done also check out How to Forward Ports on Your Router too.