10 geeky swimsuits you will want to have this summer

Summer is all about swimsuits! We’ve rounded up the best beachwear to show off your inner and outer geek while out in the sun.

When it comes to summer fun, spending time by the pool or at the beach, or even just sunbathing in your backyard can be a really great way to enjoy the sunshine and warmth of the season. Swimsuits are often a must if you want to take part in any of these activities, and if you want to make the most of your summer, then you will definitely want to grab one of these geeky suits this year.

Whether you want to show off your Wonder Woman pride or your love of all things Disney this summer, we have found some of the cutest options out there. And don’t worry, we promise we didn’t break the bank to find any of these swimsuits.

High Neck Wonder Woman Monokini Swimsuit – DC Comics. Photo via SpencersOnline.com

High Neck Wonder Woman Monokini Swimsuit 

This monokini from Spencer’s is everything a sexy, geeky girl could ask for, as it is equal parts stylish and superhero worthy. With its high neckline and cut out sides, you get a figure-flattering look that features Wonder Woman’s gold foil logo at the top and her signature stars at the bottom.

You will be ready to take on the waves or the sun in this swimsuit that is worthy of DC’s most popular superheroine. And if you are more of a Batman girl, you can even get your Caped Crusader on in a suit that features the Bat Signal. (Or you could get both swimsuits and choose which hero you want to be on any given summer day.)

Get it now at Spencer’s.

Pikachu Cami Bikini Swimsuit – Pokemon. Photo via SpencersOnline.com

Pikachu Cami Bikini Swimsuit

Pikachu, I choose you! This bikini is going to be the life of the beach or the pool, as you show off your Pokemon love in style. Your inner geeky girl is going to love this super cute bikini featuring the beloved Pokémon character, and what better way to catch a Bellsprout, Eevee, or Bulbasaur. than by wearing a Pikachu swimsuit.

Pikachu makes a statement not only on the hipster bottoms that feature a shirred look at the side, but also on the ruffled bikini top. With both black and yellow coming together on this particular swimsuit, you are going to be summer ready whenever you choose to rock this bikini.

Get it now at Spencer’s.

Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Retro Swimsuit. Photo via HotTopic.com

Disney Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Retro Swimsuit

Nothing screams Disney geek more than this retro swimsuit with the classic scene from Peter Pan featuring the mermaids of the lagoon. With a print that covers the entire suit, and a look that is very sleek and yet retro, you can still feel sexy in this particular swimsuit.

Not only does this have a sweetheart neckline, but you can even play with the straps to make it a halter top, a one shoulder, or even a strapless. Plus, with its ruffled skirt look, you get a modest swimsuit that anyone will feel comfortable wearing.

Get it now at Hot Topic. 

Harry Potter Hogwarts Swimsuit. Photo via HotTopic.com

Harry Potter Hogwarts Swimsuit

Thanks to Hot Topic you can keep your school spirit at an all-time high, especially if you are a Hogwarts’ student. This is another one-piece suit that offers a lot of versatility.

Once more you get the sweetheart neckline, the adjustable straps, and the flirty skirt-style bottom, all while rocking the Hogwarts crest. At the same time, the bottom of the skirt ruffle even features a varsity stripe of yellow and red, which means you are showing all of your Harry Potter spirit this summer.

Get it now at Hot Topic. 

Disney Ariel Purple Wireless Bikini. Photo via Torrid.com

Disney Ariel Bikini

If you head to Torrid for your swimsuits this season, you can transform yourself into everyone’s favorite Disney princess, Ariel. Not only do you get to be a princess, but if you think about it you even get to transform yourself into a real-life mermaid.

While this suit is sold in separate pieces, there are actually three items that will complete your transformation into The Little Mermaid. Up first you have the purple wireless bikini top that will call to mind the purple shells that Ariel was known for as she swam Under the Sea. For the bottom half of the bikini, you get the lattice mesh swim bottoms, which are high waisted and show off your scales. Finally, there is also a green mesh sarong that acts as a coverup, while also calling to mind more of Ariel’s mermaid tail.

Altogether, this is every Disney geek’s dream swimsuit. You get to become the Little Mermaid, and there is nothing wrong with that.

Get it now at Torrid. 

Star Trek TNG One-Piece Swimsuit. Photo via ThinkGeek.com

Star Trek TNG One-Piece Swimsuit

Calling all Trekkies, we have a swimsuit just for you. This one-piece suit comes in the signature uniform colors that we all remember from Star Trek: The Next Generation, which means you get to decide which color suits you best, or get them all for a collection of Trekkie swimsuits.

Thanks to Think Geek, you can truly let your inner geeky girl out with this bathing suit that covers and supports, even as it shows off your love of Star Trek. With sizes up to 4X, this suit is truly for every woman.

Get it now at Think Geek. 

Star Wars Leia One-Piece Swimsuit. Photo via ThinkGeek.com

Star Wars Leia One-Piece Swimsuit

Star Wars fans, if General Leia was your idol growing up, then we have found the perfect suit for you this summer. This Think Geek one-piece is actually modeled after Leia’s look in A New Hope.

Although you won’t be wearing her signature white gown, this swimsuit will actually make you think that you are, as it features some of the details that made the dress iconic. With the signature belt printed at the waistline and a Rebel Alliance starbird on the left shoulder, you really will feel as if the Force is with you.

Get it now at Think Geek. 

Beloved Shirts Iron Man One Piece Swimsuit. Photo via Beloved Shirts/Amazon.com

Iron Man One Piece Swimsuit

If you are a Marvel fan and looking for swimsuits to show off your MCU spirit, then this Iron Man one piece is exactly what you need to make your summer complete. This offering from Amazon features an all over design that calls to mind the classic red suit that Iron Man is known for. In fact, the design runs from front to back and includes the glowing electromagnet that not only saved Tony Stark’s life, but acts as almost a signature of Iron Man’s look.

One piece swimsuits are truly classic looks for the summer, and this is going to be one suit that you will want to wear year after year.

Get it now at Amazon. 

Superman Cape Suit – Limited. Photo via BlackMilkClothing.com

Superman Cape Suit

This swimsuit actually features a detachable cape, which means you can truly get your superhero on with this piece from Black Milk. This suit calls to mind the classic look of Superman, with colors popping to create a perfectly vibrant summer look.

While this is a must-have swimsuit for any DC lover, it is important to note that it is a limited run suit. Once they are sold out of these swimsuits will not be back in stock this summer. So if you want to be a bird or a plane this season, you will want to grab this while you still can.

Get it now at Black Milk. 

High-Neck One-Piece Harley Quinn Swimsuit – DC Comics. Photo via SpencersOnline.com

High-Neck One-Piece Harley Quinn Swimsuit

Harley Quinn fans we did not forget about you. In order to show off your love of all things Harley Quinn, we have found you a suit that is sexy and sassy, just like your favorite DC comic character.

With its signature black and red look, and the strappy touches at the front and side, you will love transforming yourself into Harley Quinn for a day of fun in the sun. At the same time, the high-neck look means that everything you want covered is. Granted, you still get some fun pops of skin thanks to the straps at the side and cleavage area.

Get it now at Spencer’s. 

Overall, these swimsuits are a chance to have some fun and show off your inner geeky girl. Whether you decide to geek out over Disney, comics, Harry Potter, or even Pikachu, there really is a little something for everyone this summer.

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